Winnebago continues its tradition of producing excellent road vehicles with the Coogee. This motorhome perfectly blends functionality with luxury, offering the best features of road vehicles to make your travels a pleasant, enjoyable, and memorable one. And we offer it for hire at affordable prices.

Wherever you enter with this motorhome, be ready for the attention, your fantastic motorhome will draw to you. And this is whether it’s a dusty road leading to a historical monument or the green grassy lanes of a national park.

It’s equipped with appliances and features that make all Winnebago motorhomes a joy to ride in. Beyond this, the Coogee has various other amazing features that make it a great ride anytime. These features include:



Its full colour reversing camera captures all that’s happening behind you and transfers it to the driver’s monitor. This way, you can be aware of your back all through the driving. In turn, this prevents any accident that could occur due to the blindspot and ensures the safety of other motorists and road users as well.


The LED lighting of the interior eliminates all the dark spots and gives you a full view of the cabin. You also get a room with an ambient appeal.

Even more, the kitchen is well equipped with appliances such as a refrigerator, a full oven, electric-powered 14-litre hot water system, and microwave. So, with Coogee, you can easily prepare all the delicacies you want on the road.


The 2.4 kW air conditioner ensures that the temperature of the interior is optimum at all times. The motorhome also has a dinette, and there is enough bed space for four people. You can also get optional appliances like a washing machine to optimise comfort.


The floorplan of this motorhome focuses on open space. So, neither floorspace nor storage space is a problem for you. There are enough cupboards, drawers, and cabinets to keep all your things safe and organised.

Efficient and Reliable

The vehicle can withstand adverse conditions and operate efficiently regardless of where it finds itself. The engine is a four-cylinder turbo diesel with the power of most conventional dual cabs.

This way, you don’t have to worry about taking it on a trip in rough terrains. It also fares well in adverse conditions like strong winds. It can come with 8-speed or 7-speed transmission depending on whether you use an Iveco or Mercedes Benz cab.

In case you need a Winnebago Coogee for hire, we can help you. You can contact us today to make further enquiries about this elegant motorhome.