We offer the Trakka Trakkaway for your hire at extremely affordable prices. This motorhome provides you with all the valuable space you need to make your road travels an enjoyable experience. The vehicle comes with space yet without the monstrosity of size. It also runs on a turbo diesel engine with 6-speed automatic transmission.

This vehicle comes in such a way that allows extensive road travels without any inconvenience to you. It comes with various features that make it an excellent investment for anyone.

Beyond this, the Trakka Trakkaway has various other amazing features that make it a great ride anytime. These features include:



When going on a road tour with friends and or family, everyone must have a place to put their luggage without taking up the mobile space. The Trakka Trakkaway offers that.

It has eight upper cabinets where you can keep basic everyday things like books, pens, and cutleries. It also has unique storage for fragile dishes which ensures that your ceramic plates, glass cups, mugs, and wines survive any turbulence.


Travelling can be stressful; that’s why the manufacturers of this vehicle ensure you have all the comfort you can get. Even in the little things like opening the water tank, there’s an electronic button. This way, you don’t have to go under the vehicle to open the valve.

The vehicle comes with a refrigerator and freezer compartment to keep your drinks and food chilled even on the road. And you don’t have to worry about the quality of your drinking water. Your water is adequately filtered before it comes in through the tap.


The motorhome also comes with safety features to ensure you get home safely. One of such features is the ISOFIX child anchor that ensures your child gets well strapped into his seat throughout the journey. There’s also the reverse camera to make driving, manoeuvring, and parking easier and safer for everyone.

Style and Comfort

The vehicle comes with aesthetic practicality in mind. Its well-crafted body is no accident, but part of what makes it more efficient. The interior comes with luxurious designs and different innovations that make it a vehicle for the road.



The vehicle is available in two options, 700 and 720, each with its specifications. For instance, the 700 model has single beds or slide-out island beds, while the 720 model has between two to four beds.

In case you need the Trakka Trakkaway for hire, we can help you. You can contact us today to make further enquiries about this elegant camping vehicle.