If you’re looking for a motorhome for adventure, then we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to get off-grid and enjoy some peace, we’ve also got you covered. And this is whether you’re alone or in the company of family, friends, and nature. We offer the Trakka Jabiru for your camping needs.

This motorhome is the best choice you can make. Its electric and all-diesel power system with an optional all-wheel-drive makes it an excellent ride for off the road trip. It comes with a highly advanced electrical system that includes dimmable LED lighting, compatible charging, and lithium batteries.

Beyond this, the Trakka Jabiru has various other amazing features that make it a great ride anytime. These features include:



The road vehicle is available in different models. There’s the Jabiru J4 with all-wheel drive that can take four people and has an off-road ability. Other options include:

  • Jabiru J2M: it can take two passengers and also has an off-road ability
  • Jabiru J2: it can only take two people;
  • Luxury Jabiru J2 AWD: it carries two people and has off-road ability
  • Luxury Jabiru J4: it can take four people.

Storage Space

The overhead cabinets provide space to store every essential thing and prevent the clutter that could otherwise occur. Cutleries and crockery also come with more durability and resistance to chips and breaks. Even more, you can store them safely in the cabinets.


The vehicle has a manual or electrically controlled awning that can provide shade during stops. The shelter is sturdy and can easily withstand the winds, so it serves well in any situation.

There’s also a bigger monitor with a 360° camera with park assist. This way, you can see all your surroundings from the inside of the vehicle.

Its floors also support efficient maintenance. And this is thanks to the vinyl material that’s durable and easily cleanable.

The kitchen also offers all the appliances needed for grilling, toasting, and cooking. There is also a refrigerator that opens from both sides. This, you can get that chilled drink from the fridge whether you’re inside or outside.

Luxury and Comfort

Space is part of what makes us comfortable, and this vehicle elegantly creates spaces, even in unlikely places. For instance, the toilet slides in electrically when you’re using the shower, and it can swivel to create more legroom when you’re using it. The vehicle also comes with a cellular antenna that lets you use your iPad while travelling.

In case you need a Trakka Jabiru for hire, we can help you. You can contact us today to make further enquiries about this elegant motorhome.