We offer the Suncamper Sovereign P series for hire at extremely affordable prices. This Suncamper gives you the elegance and comfortability that truly stands it apart.

It’s indisputably class apart from other RVs. It comes with a turbo-diesel engine with a fuel tank that could be 146 or 128 litres. As such, you don’t have to waste time stopping now and then to fill up the tank.

Beyond this, the Suncamper Sovereign P series has various other amazing features that make it a great ride anytime. These features include:

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The Suncamper comes with a high definition LCD television that comes with a DVD player. There is also a hi-fi sound system which means you can sit back and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows when away from home. And you can always listen to great music reverberating through the cabin as your cruise down the countryside.

The innerspring mattress that comes with the vehicle also guarantees a good rest anytime anywhere. One of the things most people miss on the road is their beds, but with this mattress, you won’t be missing your bed that much.


Your road trip is meant to be all fun and lovely, with no regrets along the way. The features of the Sovereign P Series ensure you do not lack for anything, even as you are on the move.
There are separate hot water shower and toilet for all bathroom issues. You also don’t have to worry about heat thanks to the reverse cycle air conditioner. It ensures everywhere is at an optimum temperature any time of the day.

The cooking appliances further makes the car a treasure. Thinking of eating something baked or roasted, the RV has a three-plate glass stove and a gas grill with an oven. So, fire it up and get to eat delicious home-cooked meals on the road.


The reversing camera that comes with the RV ensures your safety at all times. You don’t have to worry about blind spots because the camera gives you a view of those spots. It also comes with inbuilt GPS so you can keep track of your movements all the time.

Variety of Options

The RV can be built on different brands of cars, depending on your taste and specifications. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your motorhome running on a brand you don’t like.

In case you need the Suncamper Sovereign P series for hire, we can help you. You can contact us today to make further enquiries about this elegant camping vehicle.