You might be looking towards making a caravan or motorhome purchase so you can explore the whole of Australia. You might be even looking towards living on the road for a while. However, regardless of why you need to make a long rental or purchase, one thing remains the common denominator among them.

If you are looking to make a purchase or an extended rental, then you will need to make a substantial payment. Well, this is where it gets tricky. This payment can rack up thousands of dollars, depending on how long you plan to stay. And it can become quite burdensome financially. Well, at Campervan Rentals, we’ve got you covered.

We ensure you don’t need to strain yourself financially to acquire a caravan or motorhome for your travel needs. Even more, you can quickly get your dream caravan or motorhome and still maintain your financial stability. We do this by connecting you to providers of financial services.

These providers help provide the necessary financing. In turn, you can acquire the caravan or motorhome that you need immediately. Then, you can spread the purchase price over an extended period. This way, you hardly feel that you’re paying when you are paying.

At Campervan Rentals, our goal is to ensure that you do not bear the brunt of this process. Instead, we allow you to relax, get served and enjoy the best possible loan agreement in the country.

So, in case you’re looking to finance a caravan or motorhome purchase, then we can help you. You can contact us at Campervan Rentals for enquiries.

Learn more about Campervan finance below.


What is Campervan Finance?

It is just like every financing service. It involves getting money to purchase any equipment or property of your choice. Only that in this case, your purchase will be a caravan or motorhome.

The idea is that you don’t have to bear the cost price yourself. Instead, you get relieved of the lump sum by a financer. In turn, you commit to a monthly obligation.

Through this obligation, you discharge the purchase price and interest accruing over a period. Depending on the terms, it can range between 6 months to as much as five years, depending on the actual cost of the caravan or motorhome.

So, campervan finance involves getting the caravan or motorhome you need without having to pay immediately for it. You can then pay over time and protect your financial stability.

Caravan Options that you Can Finance

There are various options that you can finance. Typically, you can finance the purchase of all types of caravans. However, popular options include:

  • Regular Caravans
  • Tent trailers
  • Pop-up caravans
  • Motorhome
  • Camper Trailers

Financing Options

Typically, if you are looking to finance a purchase, two options are available for you to maximise. They are:

  • Acquire a personal loan then purchase your caravan using the sum you realised. (Personal Loan)
  • Apply to registered vendors and later pay off the purchase price in time using a finance agreement/contract. (Hire Purchase)

Personal Loan

If you decide to go for the personal loan options, your task will be to locate a capable and willing financer. Afterwards, your request for financing assistance under certain terms. You then utilise the cash you acquired to finance the purchase.

In this case, you will agree to a repayment structure with the financer. You also own the caravan or motorhome from the date of purchase. All that’s left is to refund the purchase price with interest.

Hire Purchase

If you decide to go for the hire purchase options, your trajectory will be to find any licensed credit mediator. After that, they purchase on your behalf and give possession to you.

In this case, you only receive possession pending the completion of the hire purchase sum. After which time you then become the outright owner of the caravan or motorhome. Usually, you will need to discharge your financial obligation every month over a period.



Typically, you are most likely eligible to apply once you have a stable income and a good credit rating. However, even if your credit rating is not the best, that doesn’t mean you are ineligible.

There are various financing options and providers whose requirements differ. Once you contact us, we will try to ensure you can find a financer that’s willing to finance the acquisition based on your ratings.

What Do you Need to Apply?

To key into these financing options, you will need to provide specific essential details and documents. Even if you aren’t applying immediately, it’s still best to have them on the ground. This way, you can enjoy a smooth ride when you’re ready.

The necessary details and documents include:

  • A valid means of identification such as a drivers license or Medicare number
  • Your present address
  • Proof of income or payslips
  • Employment information