With more than six available models, this motorhome offers enough variety to ensure you get the vehicle you want. It’s designed with exquisite features to match your luxurious and comfortable accommodation at home. We offer the A’van Ovation for your hire at extremely affordable prices.

The vehicle’s large tank of 125 litres means you can go hundreds of miles without worrying about stopping for a refill or thinking of where to find a gas station. This way, you have all the freedom to go on your adventure.

Even more, it combines its large tank with fuel efficiency. It comes with enough space for you and your travelling companions, and features that ensure your convenience and comfortability.

Beyond this, the A’van Ovation has various other amazing features that make it a great ride anytime. These features include:



The manufacturers went out of their way to ensure the vehicle is convenient for you. Starting from the double-glazed windows that also has a blackout blind to prevent the searing sunlight and heat outside from reaching you.

The shower and toilet are available in various options depending on how you want them. For instance, you can have them together or separately. You can also get an optional 40” LCD television for your motorhome, with DVD player and sound system. This way, nothing prevents you from enjoying the leisurely movie hours you enjoyed at home.

The vehicle also comes with well-equipped kitchen space and all the necessary appliances, including a microwave oven.

Style and Comfort

The A’van Ovation roof-mounted air conditioning and heating system ensures that you never have to worry about the weather outside. Your cabin will stay at an optimum condition all the time. You can switch up the air conditioner in the hot summer afternoon, and winter has nothing on you because you have a heating system.

When you speak of style, the kitchen and living areas come with exquisite designs of timber furniture among many other models.


Storing your load should not be a problem when travelling. The A’van Ovation motorhome ensures there’s ample space to store your luggage.


The motorhome is also safe for its maximum of four occupants. It has rear and front disks brake, other safety features, and a GPS that ensures your driving is always in the right direction. There is no risk of getting lost on your adventure because you will easily find yourself.

In case you need the A’van Ovation for hire, we can help you. You can contact us today to make further enquiries about this elegant camping vehicle.

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