8 Things First Time Motorhome Users Need to Know
July 2, 2018

Looking for an alternative to tent camps or just deciding to take a road trip? Motorhomes present the perfect option. However, before you hit the road with your first ever motorhome, here are eight things you must know.

1. Read the Motorhome Manual

Motorhomes are very different from vehicles you may already be familiar with, especially in terms of size and specifications. So, before you begin driving one, read about it in a language you understand. This is because it helps you avoid roads with restrictions on specific vehicle sizes.

2. Prepare a Checklist

Travelling in a motorhome may require you doing many things at the same time. And losing out on an important task may spoil a journey before it even starts.

So, draw up the items you intend doing before you start your motorhome engine. Your list may include turning off the heater or getting snacks.

3. Get a Navigator

A map is a must-have if you’re a first-time user of a motorhome. And this applies even if you’re travelling through a known route.

This is because navigators will help you with shorter routes and lead you through roads suitable for your motorhome. So, yes, don’t do away with a navigator.

4. Understand the Road Rules of Your Destination

Where do you park? What is the passenger limit per vehicle? Are you allowed to take alcohol?

Here are a few questions you may want to ask about your destination. And this is because understanding these rules, helps you steer clear of legal troubles. So, ensure you’re informed about the necessary regulations.

5. Drive to Enjoy

Driving a motorhome should not always be a means to an end. Try to maintain optimum speed so you can soak in the adventure of the road as you travel. What’s more, driving to enjoy helps you conserve car fuel considerably.

6. Be Wary of Overtaking

A motorhome is significantly larger and heavier than average cars. As such, your chances of flexibility on the road are, sadly, minimised.

Knowing this as a first-time user, you should try not to overtake unless the path is clear. Also, ensure there’s sufficient time to move the vehicle back to your original lane before you face oncoming cars head-on.

7. Prepare for Emergencies

Travelling in a motorhome comes with the responsibility of preparing for emergencies. Endeavour to take along your motorhome license forms and insurance papers.

Also, take other documents you may be required to produce in a crisis. Yes, don’t forget to go along with a fire extinguisher and a spare tyre.

8. Be Prepared to Take Care of Waste

Sewage and refuse are inevitable parts of travelling in a motorhome. Check for lifehacks on emptying body waste in a motorhome. You’ll also want to know about preventing odours and disposing of litter properly.

In Conclusion

While you put these tips at the back of your mind, your travel can get much better with the perfect motorhome hire agency. And that’s what we are at Campervan Rental. Contact us so we can help you experience the beauty of car-camping.