10 Things You Should Bring on A Campervan Holiday
July 2, 2018

If a campervan holiday makes you miss home, let it not be because you forgot some irreplaceable luggage at home. The fact is that there are just some essentials every individual on a campervan holiday must take along.

So, are you wondering what they are? Well, we’ve crafted 10 of the most important for you. Here you go!

1. Spare batteries or Chargers

If you can bank on the power supply on your vehicle, you might never want to forget your device chargers. Extra batteries and car chargers will work as a suitable replacement at other times. Be safe and do not be without any.

2. Spare Clothing

Campervans may not always assure laundry equipment. Even if they did, it’s a holiday. As such, you may as well make the most of it by avoiding repeated laundry.

So, ensure you take loads of spare clothing.

3. Entertainment

Never forget toys, a Bluetooth speaker, novels, or anything at all to help drive boredom away. A reliable WIFI or VPN connection might also be worth considering. So, ensure you take enough materials that can entertain you.

4. Backup Storage Drives

Take pictures to your heart’s content without running out of storage space. SD Cards and flash drives help create chances for storing more memory. Who knows, you might start a travelogue!

So, ensure you go along with backup storage devices.

5. Snacks

Food is essential to the enjoyment of your holiday. Prioritise taking chocolate bars to chew on or yoghurt to keep you invigorated. You should also bring with you a full kitchen supply.

6. Toilet Paper

You must already know how inevitable these are. In case you use your campervan lavatory, toilet paper gets you back in shape without soiling your experience.

7. Toothbrushes

Your holiday should be a period of free bonding and table talks. So, take a toothbrush along with you, with an extra if possible, to avoid making up excuses for staying mute.

8. First Aid

Unpredictable events should always be a factor in preparing for campervan holidays. A first aid bag, some plaster and analgesic tablets for a hiking injury is never excess luggage.

9. Maps

We recommend you have a navigator to offer directions on your journey. While paper maps may be getting outdated, ensure you have an internet connection to access your online maps. This way, you don’t get stranded in a place where all you can hear is your echo.

10. Wallet

Chances are you will have spending needs to attend to. As such, your wallet may be the most critical thing in the whole world at that moment.

If it contains your credit card, driver’s license or other forms of identity, its value on your trip just tripled. So, ensure you come along with your wallet.

In Conclusion

It is easy to get distraught by an ill-prepared journey. Your troubles get worse where your holiday spot has no store at a reasonable distance.

However, with these tips, you can sleep soundly, knowing you’re set for the best holiday ever. So, read up and have fun.