Thursday, March 7, 2013

Doubleback by Volkswagen- Room to Move!

In the world of motorhomes, VW is most famous for its Kombi vans, but they are no one-hit wonder. The video above reviews their new Doubleback van, a great addition to the world of small campervans which combines storage, living space and simple features into one amazing ride.

The original!
by indy_slug Flickr Creative Commons

The Doubleback has a pod at the back which slides out to double the size of the back of the van and therefore the living space! The extendable pod is sturdy and can hold up to 600 kilograms when the support is down. It includes a bed, and there is another that drops down in the main part of the cabin, where you will also find seating, a table and baic kitchen facilities. The front seats swivel to provide extra seating.

The only obvious drawback to the van is that it can only seat two belted in, or 3 if you request the double passenger seat, however it can sleep four. An extra seat with belt would not go astray! However, the Doubleback would be perfect for a couple who like some room to stretch out- just like their campervan.

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