Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yosemite Detour

As Rohan says, if there's one National Park you have to come to, it's this one. Yosemite is a stunning park of mountains, valleys, forests, waterfalls and wilderness that covers nearly 1,200 square miles. Rohan and Paul visited it during an unexpected detour on their road trip (RVs mean flexible holidays!) and here's what they had to say:

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Sundial Bridge

Rohan and Paul visit the Sundial Bridge in Redding during their California road trip, and muse on its salmon-attracting properties.

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Wine and Dine in the Wine Region

Rohan and Paul spent a day exploring Napa's biggest industry- wine. Faced with driving a huge RV whilst presumably getting progressively more intoxicated, they wisely chose to take on a tour guide, the knowledgeable Dan Dolen of Reserve Wine Tours.

 This part of California is truly a wonderland of vineyards and great food, so if you're planning a California road trip, make sure you include some of these in your itinerary.

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Drive-Thru Tree

Check out Rohan and Paul's experience with the Drive-Thru Tree during a motorhome road trip in California:

This huge tree, known as the Chandelier Tree, is a 315 foot tall Coast Redwood. The hole to allow cars (but evidently not huge RVS!) to drive through was carved in the 1930s. You can find it in Leggett, California.

Make sure you check your vehicle will fit before gunning it through the tunnel- as Rohan points out, a giant redwood is definitely an overhanging object!

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