Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Honeymoon in a Motorhome!

You've just spent a lot of dosh on a big wedding and have dreams of owning a house soon in your wedded bliss and the thought of spending a fortune on your honeymoon is just too irksome.

But consider this: Cruise from beach to beach, mountain terrain to mountain terrain, or stay in one perfect location in a Motorhome.  It's a lot cheaper than a hotel but a lot more luxurious than a tent, cabin or even motel.  You can park up beachside (a hotel with that kind of vicinity would be pricey), set up the deck chairs and relax with your lovely spouse.  Head to an area that would only house way too expensive hotels, park your motorhome and enjoy. 

The Motorhome is private, not too hot in the sun or not too cold in the winter.  You have the flexibility to stop wherever you want on the road, whenever you want, and go into the back for a... snuggle. Hear the ambient rain on the roof if it rains, or cook up a romantic meal to impress the lady. 

Whatever country you're in, drive from place to place if that suits you or stay in one place.  Hey, the flexibility of a motorhome  allows you to do both.  Plan to stay in one place, then change your mind and move onto another. It's that easy.  

A Campervan Honeymoon will be a romantic holiday you won't forget. A cosy time with your new spouse and  it won't cost you the earth.  Find a Motorhome for your Honeymoon at Motorhome Republic


Author: Doug Brown+

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