Monday, April 2, 2012


For the semi-retired or naturally nomadic, workamping is the latest lifestyle option- live (and work) out of an RV!

If your work is internet-based, the transition is easy- just take to the road and find a way to keep up a connection-  buy a dongle for internet on the go, or use wireless which many parks provide. However, it's still possible to combine work with your chosen lifestyle if you can't work on the web- many workampers do short term work in camping grounds, hotels, amusement parks or anywhere where their interests and skills may lie. Workampers have dedicated websites with 'work wanted' ads and 'help wanted' ads to aid budding and experienced workampers find occupation. Jobs at RV parks and camping grounds are obviously popular- these often exchange a site, electricity, water and other necessities for part-time work with no pay, and some pay a wage as well as a site and full hook ups.

Workamping is a great way to prolong your travel- work a bit, spend less and become a part of the communities you visit.

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Author: Rohan Marx+

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