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Perth-Esperance Road Trip

Western Australia is an isolated part of the country, a huge area with one major city and a lot of wilderness! Fly into Perth and get on the road with this roadtrip from Perth to Esperance. From there you can continue East or head back to Perth to see the Great Australian Bight and the southwest corner of the country in more depth.

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Day 1: Perth- Augusta

Perth is a city apart. Not just in the sense of a unique atmosphere and setting, but also literally- it is geographically one of the most remote cities on earth, with no other major centres within 2,000 kilometres.The city has a sunny, mediterranean-type climate and is set on a river within stone's throw of some amazing beaches, There are multiple options to pass the time in Perth, so consider spending some days there before hitting the road. Visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia, wander the banks of the river, explore Kings Park and climb the DNA tower for amazing views, or chill out on the famous Cottesloe Beach.

 Perth from King's Park
by eGuide Travel Flickr Creative Commons

Head out of Perth and down the coast on Highway 1, heading through the southern suburbs such as the beachside Rockingham and Port Kennedy. At Mandurah, the estuary and Peel inlet is a wonderland of wildlife. It is home to a school of friendly dolphins and many types of water birds, and is a great place for family water-based fun as the waters are tranquil, unlike many of the beaches on the Indian Ocean coast. Have a go at catching some prawns or crabs, or find a boat and get out on the water.

Dolphins on the Peel Inlet

Continue through the town of Bunbury, where you should get off Highway 1 and onto State Route 10. A highlight along this route is Busselton, where the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere (in the form of a jetty) juts out into the beautiful Indian ocean from a white-sand beach. Some great surfing is to be had in the area.

 Busselton Jetty
by Johnny Akira Baune Flickr Creative Commons

From Busselton, take State Route 104 to get back onto the State Route 10 and go east, then continue east on Highway 1 towards Albany. This will take you past the coastal Walpole-Nornalup National Park, which features a 600-metre long treetop walkway, and incredible way to get amongst Australia's flora and fauna. Denmark, just before the final stop of Albany, has a great bakery and picturesque surroundings.

 Treetop Walk
by Phil Whitehouse Flickr Creative Commons

Day 2: Albany- Esperance

 Albany, Western Australia's first settlement. It is now a good-sized but still rurally-focused city on a lovely section of coast. Albany's Princess Royal Harbour is one of the most impressive natural harbours you will ever sea, and is a base for whale-watching and other water activities

 Albany Beach
by Robert Young Flickr Creative Commons

Continue on Highway 1 from Albany through Wellstead and Jerramungup. A notable National Park along this section of road is the Fitzgerald River National Park, an amazing place designated as a World Biosphere reserve. It is home to many rare and endangered animals, and a huge range of wildflowers- in fact these grow in abundance everywhere between Albany and Esperance.

by Lakshmi Sawitri Flickr Creative Commons

Ravensthorpe along this route is an interesting old coppermining town. If you are keen to go out of your way to the coast, turn off just after Ravensthorpe and head to Hopetoun. This is a charming beach town and popular holiday destination, becoming livelier in the summer months!

Esperance is is situated on a safe harbour, with the Archipelago of the Recherche just offshore. Surfing, scuba diving and swimming are all popular in the area. The wine industry is strong in this area, so after you have settled in to a holiday park like one of these, get out and about to taste the food and wine of the region!

 Esperance Seafront
by Tamsin Slater Flickr Creative Commons

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Thank you for sharing with us this amazing trip! The pictures are really great, they provoke sweet memories! I was in Perth last Summer, I remember it as "City of Light" - it's really beautiful at night. I will never forget it!

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