Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Route 66 With Billy Connolly

 From Chicago to Santa Monica is 2488 miles, the route of the original Route 66. It is a legend in the US, and has spawned many namesakes- a song,  a television show, a brand of jeans and more. It was removed from the US Highway System in 1985, but has remained a well-known icon, and some parts of it are preserved as the 'Historic Route 66.'

Billy Connolly took to this legendary road on a trike in a 4-part series for ITV. Connolly is known for his brash humour, and the series doesn't disappoint, although it's not all about the funnies. It also offers some insight into the cities and communities along the route. Billy's storytelling ability comes to the fore here, picking up the threads of life along the route and weaving them into one long story during his journey. He visits Tornado-struck St. Louis, amish communities and many more places along the route- kicking off with a trip up the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Whilst Billy's irreverent attitude might rub some the wrong way, This is a fascinating series that investigates life along America's most famous road, and makes for a great idea for your own roadtrip. See the sights, people and communities along this road which was once a migration path towards the midwest, and get your kicks.. on Route 66!

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