Monday, February 6, 2012

Auckland Airport Offers Campervan Sites

Auckland International Airport has become the first in New Zealand to offer an on-site campervan facility, for weary travelers who wish to get acqainted with the time zone and their vehicle before leaving on their holiday.

The site is a response to demand, and aims to provide a convenient stop near to the aiport and many campervan hire depots. It is around a kilometre from the international and domestic services. Also close by is a supermarket, which is very handy for stocking your van before leaving. Entertainment in the area includes a driving range, mini golf course, high ropes course and paintball! The site is fully fenced and secure, with water, toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry facilities. It charges $40 a day per vehicle.

Auckland Airport at Sunrise
by Wesley Fryer Flickr Creative Commons

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