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Spain Motorhome Rental Pick-Up Locations

Spain, surrounded by the sea, is a country full of art, music and colour. A motorhome trip helps you get in amongst it- but where to start? Here are some ideas:

Barcelona is in the northeast corner of Spain, and truly has it's own culture-even it's own language. Although Spanish is understood and spoken by all when needed, the local language is Catalan. The city is absolutely worth a visit- it is filled with the weird and wacky architecture of Anton Gaudi, and has restaurants, bars and shopping to keep anyone entertained for weeks. Campsites are available on the outskirts of the city. From Barcelona, you can easily make your way down the Mediterranean coast.

Gaudi Architecture at Park Guell
by Ale3andro Flickr Creative Commons

Madrid is Spain's capital city, with a great cultural and artistic heritage. It has a very royal history as the centre of the Spanish Empire- the Royal Palace is located there. Check out Museo del Prado which has one of the world's finest art collections. Madrid is very central- from here, you can head towards the Med, the Atlantic or into Portugal or France.

Malaga, on Spain's southern Mediterranean coast, is more laid-back than it's northern counterparts- start here for a relaxing beginning to your journey! If sun and sand is what you're looking for, a good trip would be to start here and work your way up the coast to Barcelona.

by Jose Bolorino Flickr Creative Commons

San Sebastian
San Sebastian is situated on the Atlantic coast, close to the border with France- so is a good starting point for a trip in both countries. It's most attractive feature is an amazing beach right in the central city- combining natural delights with cultural ones.

Bilbao is very close to San Sebastian, but inland. It is home to the one of the famous Guggenheim museums, and is a great starting point for surfers- very close to the Atlantic coast and Spain's famous Mundaka surf break.

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