Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Portugal Road Trip

by F Mira Flickr Creative Commons

Portugal is a country with a lot of coast- So make the most of it and soak up as much sun and sand as possible when you are there! Here are a few possible starting points:

Faro is very much a sunseeker destination in summer and a beautiful, peaceful city in the off-season. Right at the bottom of Portugal, from here you can travel up the country and into Spain.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and is thriving as a European city of note. It is a great place to visit, and from here you can make your way up the coast- Portugal is a surfer's dream, with breaks both well known and undiscovered all the way up it's coast. So, if surf is your thing, this is the place to be!

by Chris Yunker Flickr Creative Commons

Portugal Surf Spot
by lizoleeta Flickr Creative Commons

Sintra is close to Lisbon and can be used as an alternative pick-up outside of the city. It houses a Royal Castle which was home for Portuguese royalty until the revolution of 1910.

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