Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Netherlands Starting Points

by Phillip Capper Flickr Creative Commons

The Netherlands is a low-lying country of bikes, flowers, liberal minds and tidy towns. Much of it is below sea level, making it an flat and easy place to drive around. Friendly inhabitants and the well-ordered nature of the country add to it's appeal! Dutch people are keen campervanners too- here are some locations to begin your journey.

The city of possibilities: Culture, unique architecture, canals, 'coffee shops' and wild nightlife, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Whilst here, rent a bike to get around the city from your motorhome- it is the preferred mode of transport. See the Rijksmuseum, the house where Anne Frank hid, and the unique tall, thin canal houses, and make sure you buy some hot chips in a cone- a dutch institution. Amsterdam is on the coast and is a great place to start a trip around the major cities of the Netherlands

Amsterdam Houses
by Chris Yunker Flickr Creative Commons

This town is not far from the border with Belgium, and is a major railway junction, making it easy to get to for your motorhome pick-up!

Rotterdam is a major port, with a forward-looking atmosphere and population. With diverse and modern architecture, it is an interesting city. Rotterdam is well placed to explore the lakes, rivers and islands of Holland's southern coast.

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