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Kings Canyon and Uluru Diversion - Roadtrip Australia!

Cascada en el Kings Canyon
By Klomiz - Flickr Creative Commons

Take a roadtrip in your campervan in the outback of Australia and have the holiday of a life time! With so many spectacular sights to behold and roads to be traveled in Australia, this roadtrip is a winner! On the long expanse of road between Adelaide and Darwin take a turn in Erlunda heading west. The magnificent view of Uluru or Ayers Rock will greet you near Yulara. Ayers Rock is an Australian icon and a wonder to behold. The colours of this magnificent monument, as it rises above the surrounding desert, will change at all points of the day. Be sure to witness it at sunrise and sunset to get all you can out of this experience. Climb to the summit, flock to the viewing points, join a tour around it or take a flight over the Rock. However you view it, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Ayers Rock at Sunset
By Charlie 2.0 - Flickr Creative Commons

Park your camper van in a large campground in the nearby town of Yulara. Not only are dogs allowed here if you're bringing along rusty, but the campground has clean amenitites and for those hot, hot days, a pool!
A bit further down is another incredible site - Kata Tjuta or; The Olgas. The Olgas are giant granite domes that stand on their red sandy plain changing colours from red to grey to purple. A truly beautiful site to behold!
Head the camper back on the same road you traveled in on and before you turn down towards Kings Canyon step up to the Outback lookout. Gaze upon Mount Conor, a striking flat topped mountain. Be a little adventurous and climb the sand dune opposite the lookout for a view across a salt lake.
Continue on towards Kings Canyon or spend a night in a camping park on the road in.
Kings Canyon is a true wonder; a mix of rugged beauty, stunning colours and lush gardens. The canyon has been carved by Kings Creek, slicing through the furrowed George Gill Range. You can take two walks to explore the canyon. The first is along the canyon floor, making your way past rocks and through luscious gardens and creeks. The second is along the rim of the Canyon. It is more arduous but undoubtedly more awe inspiring as one gets a more birds eye view of the magnificent canyon walls, it's trees and waterfalls.
Spend the night in Kings Canyon Resort, 7km away from the Canyon itself. The resort has everything you will need for spending a night or several nights in your campervan .

Roadie Details:

Distance traveled: Approx. 862km (return)
Dog friendly campsites: Yes
Number of Recommended campsites on route: 6
Dump Stations: Yes

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