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Trollstigen- The Troll's Path

Norway is full of amazing vistas- but if you really want an eyeful, try driving the Trollstigen- if you dare! This winding, scenic and mountainous route translates to "Troll's Path." With 11 hairpin bends that take it on a zigzag up a mountainside and an average gradient of 9%, it is a bit of a challenge- but worth it!

There are two amazing waterfalls to be seen on the way up, and views over the valley and mountain. There is a parking area, visitor's centre and viewing platform near the top of the road, for those who need a rest after the hair-raising journey!

Although narrow, the road is definitely safe for motorhomes! Check out motorhome rental and roadtrip ideas for Norway to make your own trek up the Trollstigen!

by Phillipe Teuwen Flickr Creative Commons

by awiemuc Flickr Creative Commons

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motorhome of the Year

For the first time, a winner has been crowned in the UK- a winner amongst mobile homes. A collaboration between two magazines, Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly and Which Motorhome, the inaugural Motorhome of the Year awards awards were held in Bedfordshire recently.

There were several categories, but the main winner, named Motorhome of the year, was the Knaus Sky Ti 650 MF. It is a 4-berth German model, fixed bed and coach built. One highlight of the design is haveing a fixed bed without significantly reducing the living space, a difficult feat in motorhome design. It also has stylish and practical washroom and kitchen, and is overall a great motorhome for anyone wanting to get on the road.

There were several other Coachbuilt categories, with the Tribute T-725 Sport taking out the Family Coachbuilt award, and the Adria Coral 670 SU winning Non-Fixed Bed Coachbuilt of the Year.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

London Olympics 2012 by Motorhome

The Camping and Caravanning Club in the UK is making access to the Olympics and Paralympics easy for motorhome and caravan aficionados. During the summer of 2012 they will set up provisional sites which are close to the events, which will mean that a road trip around the UK and to the Olympic Games will be possible for a lot of people!

 Olympic Park
by Tamsin Slater Flickr Creative Commons

There are 5 provisional sites planned. These are:

Westlands Playing Fields in Romford
This will cost 30 pounds a night, for a 3-night minimum stay, and will provide all the facilities- showers, toilets, water points, security, camp shop, TV lounge, and most importantly, a shuttle bus service running to and from Romford Rail Station, where you can take the train to Stratford, a 15 minute journey.

Gravesham- Rugby Club, Old Gravesendians Rugby Club and a site in Culverston
These 3 sites are located in Gravesham, and are close to Ebbsfleet International Station which will have a high-speed rail link (10 minutes) to Stratford and the Olympic action. The two Rugby Club sites will have breakfast served daily and dining available for meal times if you don't feel like cooking. There will be plenty of on-site entertainment with a big screen TV in the clubhouse and themed nights, sports competitions, bar service and more. The Culvertsone campsite will have less in the way of entertainment on offer, but will have bar service and of course all 3 will have the necessary toilets and showers! All will cost 30 pounds per night.

Waterworks Nature Reserve at Lee Valley
This site is the closest you will get to the action in a motorhome- 10 minutes walk from Olympic Park. The fee reflects this, being 45 pounds a night for a minimum 3-night stay. It will offer the sanitary facilities, full onsite catering with a cafe open from 6am to 10pm, and a bar and TV. Note that this campsite is within the Low Emissions Zone, which certain vehicles are charged to enter. Check it out before you arrive.

More details on these sites can be found here!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nanutarra Roadhouse to Carnarvon, Australian Roadtrip.

The sun goes down

                                                                                               Sunset at Exmouth
                                                                                 By Jayegirl99 - Flickr Creative Commons

Between Port Hedland and Perth is a wonderful stretch of road joining Nanutarra Roadhouse and Carnarvon. The well maintained and wide road is a short distance from the western Australia coast and encompasses some beautiful sights and stops. Head South from Nanutarra Roadhouse and make a turn towards Exmouth Gulf. On the way up to Exmouth (or on the return) stop in at Kailis Fisheries where you will find a retail store stocked with delicious fresh and frozen prawns, crabs, squid and reef fish. (the shop is only open from April to November).  Heading  North reach Exmouth town. This is an ideal base to explore the North West Cape region and the perfect place to surf, windsurf, snorkel dive or fish. There are also many opportunities to bushwalk, birdwatch or take breathtaking pictures.

Yardie Creek
Charles Knife Canyon
By Julien Carnot- Flickr Creative Commons

Camp in the Cape Range National Park and experience the rugged beauty of this area with it's spectacular gorges and picturesque coastlines.  Take in the panoramic views of Charles Knife Canyon from one of the many walking tracks or take a boat ride on the crystal blue waters to view the Yardie Creek Gorge.

Turquoise Bay
Ningaloo Reef
By Robertpaulyoung - Flickr Creative Commons
After you've seen everything that you want to see head south to Coral Bay. Stop in at Ningaloo Marine Park where divers can take a plunge around the exquisitly coloured coral reefs or viewers from boats can witness some awesome creatures such as Whale sharks, manta rays and humpback whales. 

Coral Bay is breathtakingly beautiful with a coral reef that stretches 2km into the bay to form a pristine lagoon. Surrounded by sparkling white beaches, Coral bay is the perfect place to lay in the sun, swim or snorkel. With two caravan parks and a basic supplies shop, you'll be able to stay in Coral Bay very happily.  

Continue the journey south to Carnavon, a flourishing fruit and vegetable region. Buy Fresh 

Roadie Details:

Distance traveled: Approx. 362km+
Dog friendly campsites: Minilya, Carnarvon
Number of Recommended campsites on route: 10
Dump Stations: Yes
Track Notes: Sealed and good on most routes, Sealed but bumpy Minilya-Exmouth Road.

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Kings Canyon and Uluru Diversion - Roadtrip Australia!

Cascada en el Kings Canyon
By Klomiz - Flickr Creative Commons

Take a roadtrip in your campervan in the outback of Australia and have the holiday of a life time! With so many spectacular sights to behold and roads to be traveled in Australia, this roadtrip is a winner! On the long expanse of road between Adelaide and Darwin take a turn in Erlunda heading west. The magnificent view of Uluru or Ayers Rock will greet you near Yulara. Ayers Rock is an Australian icon and a wonder to behold. The colours of this magnificent monument, as it rises above the surrounding desert, will change at all points of the day. Be sure to witness it at sunrise and sunset to get all you can out of this experience. Climb to the summit, flock to the viewing points, join a tour around it or take a flight over the Rock. However you view it, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Ayers Rock at Sunset
By Charlie 2.0 - Flickr Creative Commons

Park your camper van in a large campground in the nearby town of Yulara. Not only are dogs allowed here if you're bringing along rusty, but the campground has clean amenitites and for those hot, hot days, a pool!
A bit further down is another incredible site - Kata Tjuta or; The Olgas. The Olgas are giant granite domes that stand on their red sandy plain changing colours from red to grey to purple. A truly beautiful site to behold!
Head the camper back on the same road you traveled in on and before you turn down towards Kings Canyon step up to the Outback lookout. Gaze upon Mount Conor, a striking flat topped mountain. Be a little adventurous and climb the sand dune opposite the lookout for a view across a salt lake.
Continue on towards Kings Canyon or spend a night in a camping park on the road in.
Kings Canyon is a true wonder; a mix of rugged beauty, stunning colours and lush gardens. The canyon has been carved by Kings Creek, slicing through the furrowed George Gill Range. You can take two walks to explore the canyon. The first is along the canyon floor, making your way past rocks and through luscious gardens and creeks. The second is along the rim of the Canyon. It is more arduous but undoubtedly more awe inspiring as one gets a more birds eye view of the magnificent canyon walls, it's trees and waterfalls.
Spend the night in Kings Canyon Resort, 7km away from the Canyon itself. The resort has everything you will need for spending a night or several nights in your campervan .

Roadie Details:

Distance traveled: Approx. 862km (return)
Dog friendly campsites: Yes
Number of Recommended campsites on route: 6
Dump Stations: Yes

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Netherlands Starting Points

by Phillip Capper Flickr Creative Commons

The Netherlands is a low-lying country of bikes, flowers, liberal minds and tidy towns. Much of it is below sea level, making it an flat and easy place to drive around. Friendly inhabitants and the well-ordered nature of the country add to it's appeal! Dutch people are keen campervanners too- here are some locations to begin your journey.

The city of possibilities: Culture, unique architecture, canals, 'coffee shops' and wild nightlife, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Whilst here, rent a bike to get around the city from your motorhome- it is the preferred mode of transport. See the Rijksmuseum, the house where Anne Frank hid, and the unique tall, thin canal houses, and make sure you buy some hot chips in a cone- a dutch institution. Amsterdam is on the coast and is a great place to start a trip around the major cities of the Netherlands

Amsterdam Houses
by Chris Yunker Flickr Creative Commons

This town is not far from the border with Belgium, and is a major railway junction, making it easy to get to for your motorhome pick-up!

Rotterdam is a major port, with a forward-looking atmosphere and population. With diverse and modern architecture, it is an interesting city. Rotterdam is well placed to explore the lakes, rivers and islands of Holland's southern coast.

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Portugal Road Trip

by F Mira Flickr Creative Commons

Portugal is a country with a lot of coast- So make the most of it and soak up as much sun and sand as possible when you are there! Here are a few possible starting points:

Faro is very much a sunseeker destination in summer and a beautiful, peaceful city in the off-season. Right at the bottom of Portugal, from here you can travel up the country and into Spain.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and is thriving as a European city of note. It is a great place to visit, and from here you can make your way up the coast- Portugal is a surfer's dream, with breaks both well known and undiscovered all the way up it's coast. So, if surf is your thing, this is the place to be!

by Chris Yunker Flickr Creative Commons

Portugal Surf Spot
by lizoleeta Flickr Creative Commons

Sintra is close to Lisbon and can be used as an alternative pick-up outside of the city. It houses a Royal Castle which was home for Portuguese royalty until the revolution of 1910.

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Colorado Road Trip

South Central Colorado is a beautiful region. Lakes, mountains and valleys are plentiful in the area, and a road trip is the best way to see it. This suggested 2-day itinerary will allow you to see the best of the area, with time to take it all in.

View Larger Map

Start your trip at Colorado Springs, a city of natural beauty and cowboy beginnings. Visit the Pioneer Museum downtown to hear of Colorado's first European settlers. Go to the garden of the Gods, where amazing natural sandstone formations tower imposingly, surrounded by a city park.

Garden of the Gods
by John Fowler Flickr Creative Commons

Make your way through the charming town of Green Mountain Falls to the reservoir of 11 Mile State Park, a spot for fishing, hiking, sailing and swimming. Continue on through some more amazing scenery- the route shown on the map goes off the beaten track onto Co Road 185. Just off this is the amazing San Isabel National Forest, with 19 peaks over 14,000 feet and several crystal lakes. There are several campgrounds which you can find out more about here, so stay the night here and enjoy a good night's sleep surrounded by the beauty of Colorado!

San Isabel National Forest
by paulshaffner Flickr Creative Commons

Next along the route is the town of Salida, where you can get a drink and sit overlooking the Arkansas River. After Salida and several other small midwest towns, always fun to stop in, there is the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Truly a sight to see, this park has the tallest sand dunes in North America. Some rise 230 metres from the floor of the San Luis Valley. The Park is home to not only the dunes but a diverse range of landscapes- tundra, lakes and stream and pine forests. Pinyon Flats Campground near the Visitors Centre has RV sites available.

Great Sand Dunes National Park
by Larry Lamsa Flickr Creative Commons

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Spain Motorhome Rental Pick-Up Locations

Spain, surrounded by the sea, is a country full of art, music and colour. A motorhome trip helps you get in amongst it- but where to start? Here are some ideas:

Barcelona is in the northeast corner of Spain, and truly has it's own culture-even it's own language. Although Spanish is understood and spoken by all when needed, the local language is Catalan. The city is absolutely worth a visit- it is filled with the weird and wacky architecture of Anton Gaudi, and has restaurants, bars and shopping to keep anyone entertained for weeks. Campsites are available on the outskirts of the city. From Barcelona, you can easily make your way down the Mediterranean coast.

Gaudi Architecture at Park Guell
by Ale3andro Flickr Creative Commons

Madrid is Spain's capital city, with a great cultural and artistic heritage. It has a very royal history as the centre of the Spanish Empire- the Royal Palace is located there. Check out Museo del Prado which has one of the world's finest art collections. Madrid is very central- from here, you can head towards the Med, the Atlantic or into Portugal or France.

Malaga, on Spain's southern Mediterranean coast, is more laid-back than it's northern counterparts- start here for a relaxing beginning to your journey! If sun and sand is what you're looking for, a good trip would be to start here and work your way up the coast to Barcelona.

by Jose Bolorino Flickr Creative Commons

San Sebastian
San Sebastian is situated on the Atlantic coast, close to the border with France- so is a good starting point for a trip in both countries. It's most attractive feature is an amazing beach right in the central city- combining natural delights with cultural ones.

Bilbao is very close to San Sebastian, but inland. It is home to the one of the famous Guggenheim museums, and is a great starting point for surfers- very close to the Atlantic coast and Spain's famous Mundaka surf break.

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Campervan during the London Olympics!

With 198 days to go, The London Olympics will be an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to go! The Olympics go from the 27th July to the 12th August 2012!! Not far away at all! With a little over three weeks solid entertainment you'll want to stay in London the whole time and get the most out of it! Millions of people will flock into London which will make the city a very bustling and thriving place. From watching the runners sprinting to weightlifters lifting , The gymnasts twirling to the tennis players smashing, you'll enter a world of excitement.

Be sure you don't miss out on being a part of this momentous occasion. Get in quick to book accommodation! A campervan is the perfect way to spend three weeks. Having downtime relaxing in campsites around the city, being able to shut out the busy world and the possibility of being able to head off on a roadtrip after the games is the way to go! Many campsites around the city have easy access to get you back to the games arenas after you've had a restful sleep and cooked a delicious meal! Don't spend an exorbitant amount on accommodation, hire a campervan from one of the many suppliers around the city or out of the city if you're coming in from elsewhere.

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London has more Camping grounds than you'd think, and many within a short distance of Central London.

Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park is a peaceful site and for a small camping fee you'll be less than 50 minutes from Trafalgar Square. Play your own Olympics on their Tennis or Golf Courses.

Lee Valley Campsite is a convenient reach to the games locations while still being in outstanding countryside and the Epping Forest.

Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site is another perfect location for your stay. Feeling positively rural with mature trees it is still only a 35 minute rail into central London.

Find some more Campervan Sites around London...

Epping forest

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