Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sealander- Take to the Water

Amphibious cars are now old news- amphibious caravans are the latest for those who like to combine land and sea transport in one. The imaginatively named Sealander was designed and built in Germany and is likely to be on the market in early 2012. Completely modulated, it is small but can be configured for eating, sleeping, cooking and water activities.

Why would you want a Sealander? Well, there is the novelty factor- although the price will probably be the same as buying a camping trailer and separate small boat, the cool points can't compare to having the two merged into one. Also, the two can't be towed behind one car. According to the German website for the Sealander, it can be used for fishing, exploring islands, sleeping lulled by the waves- the possibilities are endless. It can be launched without a ramp, simply off the beach- simple! The roof can be taken off to enjoy the wind in your hair and throw the line over.

Of course, this is no deep-sea fishing boat- it is only to be used on inland waters as large waves and caravans, even water-going ones, do not mix. It is not going to win any races with it's small electric motor. However, it is light and easy to tow and launch, so if you like lakes, it is definitely the amphibian for you.

So, is this just a funny toy or will amphibious camper trailers really take off? It remains to be seen!

For more on the Sealander, check out their German site at (you'll to use google translate if German isn't your native tongue)- If you are interested in booking German Motorhome Rentals check out our great deals here:

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