Thursday, November 10, 2011

USA Starting Points

by Alan Stark Flickr Creative Commons

The USA is a big country- the 4th largest by area in the world, and the 3rd by population. As such, there is no end to the things to see and do- if you want to cover the whole country in any kind of depth, it could take months! Below is a list of pick-up locations that will allow you to see various parts of the country if there is a specific corner that interests you.

San Francisco
One of California's biggest cities, San Fran is known for it's hills, liberal residents, diversity and architecture. Things to do include seeing the Painted Ladies houses and of course driving your motorhome over the Golden Gate Bridge- but make sure you also get out in the city and explore as it is unique and diverse from district to district. RV Parks are dotted around not far from the city centre, so stay a few days before you move on- From San Fran you could take off down the sunny California coast to LA, or head into the northwest to see Oregon and Washington.

Los Angeles
Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Malibu, Disneyland- Los Angeles is full of famous names and places. If celebrity spotting and sunshine are what you want, pick up your motorhome here and hang around! It's a driving city and there are no shortage of RV Parks. If that's not your cup of tea, LA is nevertheless a great starting point for a road trip across the southern states, or up into the less movie-star saturated parts of California- San Francisco, Sacramento and the beautiful Napa Valley wine country.

See the stars in L.A
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Napa, Wine Country
by *~Dawn~* Flickr Creative Commons

Las Vegas
Needs no introduction- this is the city of bright lights in the desert, of casinos and big hotels. Whatever your thoughts on gambling, Las Vegas is a sight to see- if you are starting your trip here, try to fly in at night when you can see the lights of the city. Las Vegas is a starting point for some of the scorching central states- see cactii, mountains and the grand canyon in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

Anchorage is your gateway to Alaska- if stunning natural beauty is what you're after, don't go past this northern state. From Anchorage, you can head south to Juneau and Ketchikan and witness the amazing glaciers and fjords of Alaska's craggy coastline. Whilst winter in Alaska is cold and the days are short, summer is moderate, pleasantly warm but not sweltering. Give hiking, biking and wildlife viewing a go while you are here.

Dnever is quite central- you could pick up your vehicle here and head towards either coast, or up into Canada and see a decent amount of the country. The city is only 12 miles from the Rocky Mountains, and the city itself is an interesting mix of cowboy roots and new, cosmopolitain development and growth.

Rocky Mountains
by Roger Wollstadt Flickr Creative Commons

New York
New York embodies the urban lifestyle, and the things to see and do are endless. There are only a few RV Parks in the city, the closest being Liberty Harbor. However if you want a bite of the Big Apple on your motorhome holiday, consider a park outside of the city as public transport into the centre runs frequently from most places. Once you've seen New York, you can head north or south on the Atlantic coast. State-hop in pretty New England or make your way towards the sun in Florida.

Salt Lake City
In northern Utah, Salt Lake City is nestled between the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake. The city is set out on an orderly grid and outdoor recreation is popular- take a swim in the Great Salt Lake which is saltier than seawater and therefore has a lot of buoyancy- think the Dead Sea of America! Salt Lake City is handy to the northwest States, and near to the Bonneville Salt Flats where many land speed records are set.

The Great Salt Lake
by David Herrera Flickr Creative Commons

If sun is what you want, Florida is the place to go. Orlando gives access to either side of the peninsula, and there are many theme parks and resorts nearby including Disney World. There are no shortage of RV Parks around the Florida area- just watch for alligators.

Seattle is full of parks and surrounded by water, with Lake Washington on one side and Puget sound on the other. In the city, visit the parks and numerous museums and try some of the abundant seafood. On the way out, have a look around Puget Sound and you are well situated to head down the pacific coast or north into Canada.

Elegant Boston overlooks Massachusetts Bay and is considered the unofficial capital of New England. It is full of history, being one of the oldest cities in the US, and also of universities and colleges. It is quite compact so it is easy to walk around the central area to see the historical sites and buildings. Boston is a perfect starting point to venture up and see more of New England, or to head inland to the Great Lakes.

by James Flickr Creative Commons

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sealander- Take to the Water

Amphibious cars are now old news- amphibious caravans are the latest for those who like to combine land and sea transport in one. The imaginatively named Sealander was designed and built in Germany and is likely to be on the market in early 2012. Completely modulated, it is small but can be configured for eating, sleeping, cooking and water activities.

Why would you want a Sealander? Well, there is the novelty factor- although the price will probably be the same as buying a camping trailer and separate small boat, the cool points can't compare to having the two merged into one. Also, the two can't be towed behind one car. According to the German website for the Sealander, it can be used for fishing, exploring islands, sleeping lulled by the waves- the possibilities are endless. It can be launched without a ramp, simply off the beach- simple! The roof can be taken off to enjoy the wind in your hair and throw the line over.

Of course, this is no deep-sea fishing boat- it is only to be used on inland waters as large waves and caravans, even water-going ones, do not mix. It is not going to win any races with it's small electric motor. However, it is light and easy to tow and launch, so if you like lakes, it is definitely the amphibian for you.

So, is this just a funny toy or will amphibious camper trailers really take off? It remains to be seen!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Italy Pick-up Options

by Patrick Nouhailler Flickr Creative Commons

Italy is a long and skinny country- you may want to drive up or down the entire thing and see everything, or you may have a particular area of interest- the sunny south, the fashion and cities in the north. Here are some of the most popular pick-up locations and the opportunities they offer:

Milan, the fashion capital, is right in the centre of the north. Campsites just outside of the city will give you the opportunity to see the sights, such as the world's largest Gothic Cathedral, but more importantly, to shop! Milan as a starting point is convenient for the northern cities- Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Genoa would make a good loop.

Rome, Italy's capital and largest city, is quite central so from there you can head south or north. What to see in the city needs almost no explanation- Vatican City, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain are just some of the incredible sights to see.

Vatican City
by xiquinhosilva Flickr Creative Commons

Bergamo is not far from Milan, and some choose to fly into here to do their pick-up to avoid the big city whilst getting started. It is also a great place to begin a northern road trip.

Pisa, a student city, is known for it's leaning tower, but there is more to see- museums, piazzas, student nightlife and the Luminara Festival on June the 16th, when 10,000 candles are lit. Pisa is not far from the Ligurian coast, so from there you can venture up or down to some of the coastal towns and cities.

by Bob Hall Flickr Creative Commons

Vicenza is a convenient pick-up location for Venice, located outside but within easy driving distance of the amazing city. It is also a good starting point for a trip down Italy's Adriatic coast.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coro Gold

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About 2 hours south of Auckland, over the Kopu bridge there is a Peninsula well-known amongst Kiwi holiday makers. The protecting arm that shelters the Hauraki Gulf from the Pacific, the Coromandel Peninsula is a veritable playground for campers, with wild beaches and sheltered coves, friendly small towns and stretches of wilderness, and a relaxed atmosphere that makes even those who live on it feel on holiday.

The Coromandel, as it is often called, is home to many treasures- Whangamata, Hahei and Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove, Mercury Bay, Port Jackson and the north, and the towns and Pohutakawa trees of the western coast. Have a look at Motorhome Road Trip for more!

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