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Where to Begin Your Irish Road Trip

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See the green land of Ireland with a campervan hire- here are some likely starting points:

Ireland's capital and biggest city, Dublin is where ferries from the UK land and is central, making it a convenient location to pick up your campervan. Dubliners are friendly and have great accents- so spend some time in this rapidly growing and diversifying city.

Colourful Doors of Dublin
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Belfast is in the UK's Northern Ireland, in the province of Ulster. If it's Northern Ireland you want to see, this is the place to pick up your motorhome. Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British isles, is not far from Belfast.

Castlebar is on Ireland's west coast, so start here to see some of the stunningly wild coastline. Beautiful panoramas and charming towns will make a west coast trip a holiday to remember.

Located on the Shanon estuary, the large estuary at the mouth of the Shannon River, Shannon is a convenient place to see the south of Ireland. One of the most popular natural attractions in the area or the Cliffs of Moher north of Shannon.

Cliffs of Moher
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Cork is located in the southeast of Ireland- why not try a road trip from here north to Dublin or Belfast and see some of the country? If you are interested in the Titanic, call into Cobh on Cork Harbour- it was the great ship's last port of call and has many memorials.

Titanic's Charming Last Port of Call
by Shaun Merritt Flickr Creative Commons

Galway is also on the west coast and not far from the amazing cliffs of Moher. Explore the many lakes and beaches in the surrounding area with a pick-up from here.

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