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UK's Top 5 Pick-Up Locations

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The UK is the land of the Caravan Club- motorhomes are a popular way to get around. Here are the top 5 pick-up locations, and some information on why you might want to start your trip there.

The UK's biggest and most famous city- London does not disappoint. Full of parks, pubs, museums, theatres and an amazing assortment of different people and cultures, it is a must-see city. If you want to see the South of England and stay amongst the better weather, why not start here? You could get some shopping in too!

The Eclectic Camden Markets
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If big cities aren't your thing, pick up in Flamstead outside of London, and see Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, or head north to Manchester or Scotland.

Pretty Hertfordshire
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The gateway to Scotland- from here you can see this stunning country- have a look at the highlands and lochs, including of course the mysterious Loch Ness, 3-4 hours north of Edinburgh. The city itself is a stunner with Granite Buildings and the historic Royal Mile

Glasgow is on the other side of Scotland, closer to the jagged and dramatic coastline of the west coast- so if wild is what you're after, start from Glasgow!

Wild West Coast of Scotland
by Phillip Capper Flickr Creative Commons

Home of Coronation St- why not take a Coro St. Walking Tour? Manchester is close to some seaside resorts such as Blackpool, Southport and Liverpool, so start here for a bit of sea and sand in the summer, or make the trip down to London and stop at the many cities along the way.

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