Monday, October 31, 2011

Magnificent Millau

by Peter Stevens Flickr Creative Commons

The Millau Viaduct looks, in certain pictures, like a trick of photoshop- surely no real bridge could span a valley that big? However, it is a real structure located near Millau in southern France which carries the A75 from Paris to Montpellier/Barcelona- an eight lane steel roadway on a cable span bridge.

This is the world's tallest bridge, and is not too shabby in the length department- nearly 2.5km, which while nowhere near the longest, is certainly longer than your average bridge! The curved design is intended to lessen the feeling of floating that a straight bridge may have caused- one can imagine that with nothing but air on either side straight ahead it would have been a frightening experience to drive across it. There is also a slope of 3 degrees to improve road visibility.

by Richard Leeming Flickr Creative Commons

Would you drive across it? Such a tall bridge may be daunting, but the views of the Tarn River valley and nearby town of Millau would be worth it!

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