Thursday, October 13, 2011

King of the Roads!

Australia- the world's biggest island or smallest continent? It's a matter of opinion. Either way, imagine being able to say you've driven right around it. Aussie's Highway One, the longest highway in the world, makes it easy!

This highway provides the king of all road trips- 14.5 thousand kilometres of huge variation- the cities of the east coast, the beaches, the wilderness, the farms and small towns that make up unique Australia. It has many different guises along it's length- it becomes part of various state roads, is unsealed in parts and a veritable motorway in others. However, the trusty Highway One Sheild will guide you right around the coast and bring you back to where you started.

by Tony Bowden Flickr Creative Commons

Highway One traverses Aussie's main cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Cairns so you won't miss any of these top-notch cities. Visit Sydney's Opera House, shop Melbourne's opshops and outlets, try Perth's seafood restaurants and enjoy Darwin's tropical climate.

Sydney Opera House
by Jimmy Harris Flickr Creative Commons

You will also pass through the Gold Coast- Australia's major tourist destination and where city meets sea in french-riviera fashion. This is the place to enjoy sun, sand and urban life, with amazing beaches, high-rise hotels, a selection of amusement parks, canals and lakes galore.

Gold Coast
by Gopal Vijayaraghavan Flickr Creative Commons

Sick of civilisation? The trusty Highway One will take you away from it all. Between Adelaide and Perth, along the southern coast of Australia, be prepared for great beaches and ocean views. Nullarbor Plain must be crossed, a wide flat featureless plain, but where the road meets the sea the Nullarbor Cliffs provide incredible observation points- look out for whales! You'll pass through several National Parks on this stretch of road and past some of the lakes that are a feature of Australia's southwest corner.

The west coast of Australia offers more stunning landscapes and beaches, broken only be one major city- Perth. Take your chance and soak up the city for a bit, then take to the mighty Highway One to climb the coast and visit Geraldton, Carnarvon and Port Hedland.

A West Coast Beach
by Aenneken Flickr Creative Commons

If you make a bit of a detour, you can find your own scenic paradises- try nambung National Park on the coast between Perth and Geraldton, with it's red dirt and Pinnacle Rocks rising out of the ground. Shark Bay Marine Park, south of Carnarvon, is also worth a visit, and you can learn of the maritime history and treasures of the deep at the World Heritage Discovery Centre.

Look out for the wildlife!
by Tony Bowden Flickr Creative Commons

Northern Australia is either hot and dry, or hot and humid. Darwin, with it's tropical weather, is laidback and spacious. Have a look at the life-size replica of a 9-metre croc caught near Normanton, get a taste of the outback and stop into some local pubs.

Amazing Outback landscape
by anniemullinsuk Flickr Creative Commons

Highway One will take you a while to conquer- but it is the epitome of an Australian road trip! When you have some time to spend, why not give it a try? Get the best prices on Australia campervan rental here.

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