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Canada: Where To Start?

Trans-Canada Highway
by Craig Moulding Flickr Creative Commons

Canada is quite large: bigger than the United States or Europe, and varied as you would expect from such a big area! Here are some of the best pick-up locations and what they can offer:

Calgary, a big city in the province of Alberta, is handily located between the Rockies and the Prairies, offering a lot of varied Canadian scenery to enjoy.

Vancouver is tucked away in the southwest corner of Canada, and would be a great place to start a cross-country road trip to Quebec or New Brunswick. The city itself is also very diverse and a great place to visit!

Vancouver at Sunset
by Alan Bruce Flickr Creative Commons

Toronto is located by the Great Lakes, on the shore of lake Ontario. Lakes are everywhere in this area, so if you love fishing, pick up your motorhome here! It is also handy to the Stateside cities such as Michigan, Chicago and New York for a bi-country road trip.

Lake Ontario
by Andy Arthur Flickr Creative Commons

Halifax is perched out on the peninsula of Nova Scotia- so if Nova Scotia is what you would like to see, pick up from here! Novia Scotia is latin for 'New Scotland,' so prepare yourself for some rustic adventuring amongst mountains and sea.

Montreal is the largest french-speaking city in Canada, but don't fret- most Canadians have a great grip on English too. From Montreal you can explore the province of Quebec and you are close to Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City and the States.

A yukon pick-up is for the more adventurous- it is a base to explore the top of Canada, which consists largely of wilderness- it is sparsely populated and often cold (Arctic climate!) but worth a look around for those who are bold with their motorhome holidays! Canada's highest mountain, Mount Logan, is nearby in the Kluane National Park and Reserve.

Mount Logan
by Bo Mertz Flickr Creative Commons

The Capital of the province of Alberta, Edmonton plays host to many festivals every year, so keep an eye out for something happening there that may be of interest. The largest shopping mall, West Edmonton Mall, is a sight to behold. Alberta is the home of the Canadian Rockies, a must-see part of the country.

Langley is a municipality within metro Vancouver. It is not far from central Vancouver but very close to the States should you wish to pop across the border.

Kelowna is located on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. The lake's shores are home to many parks and beaches, so don't pick up here without seeing some of those! Nearby cities include Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton so a trip around those could start in Kelowna.

Kelowna Across Okanagan Lake
by orlandk Flickr Creative Commons


This city rich in history and art is on the west end of Lake Ontario. A busy port and manufacturing city, Hamilton is an interesting spot in it's own right- and is in prime position to begin a road trip around the Great Lakes or up to Quebec.

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