Wednesday, September 14, 2011

See the Northern Lights in your Campervan

For those of you lucky enough to have hired a motorhome the last few days in Alaska, Canada, New England or Scandinavia - you probably had a chance to some spectacular fireworks of the natural variety - the northern lights. The past couple of days have shown beautiful displays all across the Northern Hemisphere. According to Aurora Hunter, September and March are the best times to see the lights - but predicting Auroras are like predicting weather so there are no guarantees that you can see them.

That being said, bring your thermos and wear your woolies and enjoy the best light show nature has to offer!

  Photo by Finnish Tourist Board

Here are some great Aurora  Resources:

If you would like to head outdoors to enjoy some great autumn weather and take a punt to see the aurora, check out these great sites to hire campervan or motorhomes:

Alaska:  Alaska Motorhome Rental
New England: Boston RV Rental
Canada: RV Hire Sale Finder
Scandinavia: Motorhome Rental Scandinavia

 Photo by Finnish Tourist Board

Author: Doug Brown+

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