Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kiwis Escaped to the States

New Zealand campervan company Escape Rentals has expanded right across the pacific to open a branch in California. After 2 years, 100 of their graffiti/art/colour- covered vans are on American highways, and the company is expecting that number to grow.

Andrew McGregor, one of the company's founders who is heading up the San Francisco division, told that as they are a company that rents to tourists, San Franciscans are not the target market- and a good thing too, as their idea of a motorhome is very different to that of a New Zealander! The land of huge winnebagos is a bit taken aback by Escape's small, simple and bright vans which are made for exploring the roads less traveled and tripping on a budget.

However, some in the US do love them, and the vans are proving popular amongst the same tourist market that they are aimed at in New Zealand- backpackers from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and other parts of Europe who like to get more for their money and a bit of adventure thrown in.

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Author: Phil Wright+

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