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Cape Cod: See It With An RV Rental

Cape Cod by NASA Flickr Creative Commons

Cape Cod, the fishhook shaped cape curling out into the sea off Massachussets just below Canada, is in fact an island, and has been since Cape Cod Canal was cut in 1916. Provincetown at the tip of the Cape is where pilgrims first landed in the New World, before shifting to Plymouth.

The Cape is a favourite holiday destination on the East Coast, and the reasons are many- one is the fresh seafood which is understandably a big draw for the foodies! It is blessed by geography, as it's shape curling out into the ocean gives quantity and a variety of beaches, from sheltered coves ocean-facing surf beaches.

Known for New England beauty, the Cape is popular for outdoor pursuits and visitors enjoy the quaintness and dignity of its quintessential New England towns.

RV hire is a perfect way to see the Cape- you can explore at your own pace and on your own schedule. It is impossible to write about every single spot of interest as there are hundreds- 115 beaches, and many, many other beautiful places. It is often the case with anywhere that the best place you visit is an out-of-the-way one that noone has ever recommended! However, here are a few things for your hit-list:

Provincetown by Harvey Barrison Flickr Creative Commons

This is the most lively resort town, so get there if you would like a bit of company and excitement. Painters, writers and of course fisherman have made it their home- and so has the gay community of New England! During the summer, its population increses tenfold- so if you are planning on going there during the high season which is expanding to include late spring and early fall, definitely book an RV site in advance- google will produce you a list of these. You could visit the spot where pilgrims first arrived on the continent, and learn more at the Provincetown museum. Whalewatching is another favourite.

Seafood restaurants are scattered all over the Cape, and with fresh fish and lobster coming in everyday, how could you resist trying one.. or two, or three! Here is a list of seafood restaurants to contemplate.

Marconi Beach by Lin Mei Flickr Creative Commons

Coast Guard Beach

While a somewhat arbitrary choice, as there are many stunning beaches on the coastal side of the Cape, this one has been named in the USA's top ten beaches. It has amenities such as changing rooms and bathrooms, as well as plentiful lifeguards! During the summer, parking is not available at the beach- parking is in a lot off Nauset road for a fee, and a shuttle transports you to the beach. With soft sand, waves and facilities, it is a popular spot.

Less popular, and as such often less crowded beaches along that beautiful coast also include Marconi Beach and Cahoon Hollow.

Cape Cod Wetlands by Tim T. Flickr Creative Commons

Hiking Trails
The Cape has many of these, and it is a great way to get a bit of exercise and fresh air away from the towns and beaches, as well as enjoy the beauty of the area. Beech Forest trail in Provincetown is a popular one, but take your pick- the short scenic ramble of Eagle Point in Brewster, or see how glaciers have affected the landscape by walking the Small's Swamp trail in Truro. Here is a helpful list of trails on the Cape and surrounding area.

That's just a quick pick. There are numerous other beaches, towns, historical points of interests and activities to be seen and done on Cape Cod- Start your Cape Cod trip with Boston RV Rental

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