Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winding Road for the RV Industry

 Sales of RVs have followed the housing market in the US and taken a dive, but are on their way back up- with some slight changes in the type of RVs people are buying. The market crashed with the housing market, resulting in a lot of repos and a difficult time for dealers. It is coming back up- However, a few years ago, it was the giants of the road that were popular- the bus-like motorhomes. Now, like the housing market, bigger has been replaced by smaller and more compact, and often towable.

More of this on the roads?
Photo by David Wright Flickr Creative Commons

"The mix for big dealers used to be 70 percent of sales would be motorhomes. . . . Now it's 30 percent motorhomes and 70 percent fifth-wheel and travel trailers," Wayne Barnes, owner of B&B RV center in Anderson, northern California, told local site Dealers have had to adapt to the new trends in road trip holidays, supplying less of the big and more of the small.

 The smaller motorhomes and trailers are not only cheaper to buy, but easier on the gas. Trailers can also be more convenient- you can leave them at a campsite and be free to take your car to explore the area.

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