Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Motorhome to star in a new TV Show

Photo by Casey West Flickr Creative Commons

Channel 4 in the UK has just started showing "Quiz Trippers," a show in which 5 people tour the British Isles in a motorhome whilst attending pub quizzes. It has been called a cross between Come Dine With Me and Coach Trip, as people compete against other pub quiz attendees and each other to win a cash prize.

The motorhome is stocked with only the very basics, and the team must decide whether to spend the pub quiz winnings that they may potentially take home to make their roadtrip a more luxurious one- the team votes after each quiz who was the most valued player for that night, to determine the ultimate winner.

Quiz Trippers can be seen on Channel 4 weekdays in the UK.

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Author: Rohan Marx+

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