Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Motorhome Rentals are Better Than a Hotel

For certain types of vacations--namely those that involve a lot of travelling from place to place and especially those with stops outside urban centres--caravan rentals will beat hotels every time. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why:

Forget About Lugging that Luggage

With a campervan rental you won't have to load and reload, carrying or drag your luggage to and from hotels. Even if you plan on travelling to more than one place a campervan means that your luggage will stay put while you're the one out and about enjoying and exploring.

All the Comforts of Home

While some hotels come with kitchenettes the vast majority do not and, often, the ones that do come at a cost premium. In a campervan rental, on the other hand, you'll have a kitchenette as well as other great features. Modern campervans are designed to ensure that travellers don't want for anything and can enjoy their vacations feeling like they're driving their own homes.

Save $$$

A campervan rental will help save you from wracking up huge hotel, car rental and restaurant bills. Rent a camper and you'll be able to travel where you sleep and enjoy delicious home cooked meals you'd never find at a hotel.

You Make the Decisions
Choosing a hotel in a certain location means that you're often limited by how far you can go, but not so with a campervan rental. Vacationing in an RV means that you can choose for yourself when and where to go while not being limited by the geographic location of your hotel. Moreover, a campervan rental is much more conducive to spontaneity, which can lead to very unique vacation experiences.

Campers are Ideal for Everyone

From kids to pets, campervan rentals really are the most comfortable way to travel. Children can be kept entertained while you travel and explore, and they'll also have the added comfort of the same bed every night. Tip: Bringing blankets and pillows from home will make your camper feel even more home-like to the little ones. Also, many hotels aren't pet friendly but you can easily find a hotel that is, and take your beloved four-legged friend with you on your travels.

Taking the Scenic Route

Forget boring trips, everything about a campervan rental road trip is interesting. Not only do you get to enjoy the sights at the places where you're headed but also the gorgeous scenery on the road leading there.

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Photos via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits:

1. BaseCamper
2. Mike Walen
3. 05com

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Jason said...

Thats true, being pet friendly is a big benefit of travelling in a motorhome. However, we took our dog down to florida in an RV to Orlando and we only found a handful of areas that were 'dog friendly'. Still it was great having our dog on our trip, and he loved it too!

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