Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Kind of RV Traveller Are You?

Not everyone who longs for some time on the open road is the same, in fact out of the millions who enjoy RV rentals every year emerge some pretty distinct types. Where you go and what type of RV rental you need can be easily determined if you figure out what kind of RV traveller you are. Here are some hints to help you narrow it down:

The Family Man (or Woman)

RV rentals appeal to you because you can cram in the maximum amount of baggage and kiddos. Not to mention the fact that RV rentals reduce the need for bathroom stops, and facilitate the afternoon naps or board games that can silence any annoying "are we there yets." Bonus? The it's much easier to transport the family pet, and choose family-friendly locations, on RV rental vacations.

The Adventurer
Do you dream of farflung locales, scaling icy mountain peaks or discovering the great unknowns of the natural world? Well, then you're likely an Adventurer. This type of RV traveller chooses a motorhome to enable them to visit some of the remotest parts of the world where they can take part in any number of death defying, daredevil adventures and come home with the photos to prove it.

The Tailgater

If sports is your passion and your team happens to be your religion then you're likely a Tailgater. These types of RV travellers know that the best way to follow their team around is in a spacious motorhome rental. RVs will definitely make your pre-game cook out feel like home.

The Lifestyler

A growing number of travellers, mostly retirees, are choosing life on the open road. If you're the type who doesn't just want to vacation in an RV, but actually wants to spend the majority of your days driving and exploring then you're likely a Lifestyler--and if so, we say lucky you!

The Luxist

Friends want to go camping, but you can't see doing without the luxuries of modern amenities like a bathroom, electricity or a kitchenette? Then you've got Luxist written all over you. Forget glamping, you know an RV rental is the best way to explore nature and the open road without having to deal with pesky bugs, uncomfortable sleeping bags and unpacking tents.

So, what kind of RV traveller are you? One of the above, a mixture or a totally different category altogether?

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