Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Top 10 Places in Europe for a Motorhome Rental Vacation

Europe isn't just about art museums and cosmopolitan cities, bus tours and long lines. In fact, one of the best ways to see the continent is in a motorhome rental, so that your hours are your own and you can decide where to go and what to explore. Many would be surprised that countless places in Europe--from Turkey to Greece--are not only motorhome rental friendly, but also quite ideal for a road trip vacation. Undecided about where to visit with your RV rental? Here is our Top 10 in no particular order:

1. Norway - The Land of the Midnight Sun may not be the first thought when people think "European vacation," but it certainly is a country worth visiting. And Norway offers the best of several worlds. Not only are their stunningly beautiful vistas, breathtaking mountain ranges, clean beaches and breathtaking fjords, but also an abundance of history and culture to enjoy. Whether you're looking for an active vacation or one that involves the bustling vibrancy of cities like Oslo, Norway is a country best seen from the road. To make things even easier their are helpful and clearly marked routes that motorhome rental tourists can follow to make the most of their road trip.

2. France - Leave it to the French to turn even camping into something glamorous. From Paris to the pristine beaches of the South, France offers an abundance of things to see and do on any motorhome rental vacation. The majority of campsites here are also top notch and strategically

3. Slovenia - Beat the summer rush and head to one of Europe's little known wonders. Lush forests and Swedish Alp-style chalets, valleys and a coast along the Adriatic all make Slovenia a great place for your European motorhome rental vacation. Even better the country is chalk full of history and culture just waiting to be discovered.

4. Italy - Driving in Italy is a joy in and of itself, compounded by the beauty, history and culture bursting forth from each region, the reason that millions flock here every year. A crown jewel of European vacations, Italy is one of those countries that requires ample time to tour and discover. If you're looking to stay in one area consider Tuscany, where rolling hills and easy access to glorious cities like Florence will make your motorhome rental vacation truly unforgettable.

5. Spain - From Madrid to Barcelona, Seville to Grenada, the places to visit in Spain are truly endless. Offering everything from beautiful architecture and gorgeous beaches to scrumptious food, Spain is one country that most who visit instantly fall in love with. Take your motorhome rental on a tour of the Costa del Sol for a vacation you won't soon forget.

6. Portugal - Less populated than neighboring Spain, Portugal is no less beautiful or cultured. Cities like Lisbon and Porto are gems just waiting to be explored and discovered, while the beaches here are really second to none.

7. Ireland - Rolling green hills and quaint villages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a motorhome rental road trip in Ireland. Small enough to truly enjoy in an RV rental, Ireland is one of those places that boasts something for everyone. Tour historic sites, hike the verdant hills or enjoy the shopping and nightlife--your only limit will be the amount of time you have to discover this charming country.

8. Croatia - A well kept secret no longer, Croatia is a gorgeous and affordable country to visit. From Split to Dubrovnik you'll find culture and beauty during your motorhome rental vacation in Croatia. Like with most European destinations if you want to beat the summer crowds and the hottest days try booking off season.

9. Switzerland - The country's biggest draw continues to be the Alps, but Jura and Plateau also routinely draw vacationers in love with Switzerland's mountains, pristine lakes and beautiful valleys. Despite being a small country, Switzerland boasts 75 "Aree di Sosta" or rest stops, which vary in grandeur, making it ideal for a motorhome rental vacation.

10. Sweden - A land of free camping spots, Sweden is a sprawling country just waiting to be discovered by intrepid motorhome rental travellers. Keep in mind that when travelling north the distances between towns and cities is much longer than when driving in the other direction. Cities like Stockholm, Lulea and Malmo are all great spots to stop on your RV rental road trip. And don't forget that if you prefer off-the-beaten track sites, there are tons of them here.

Best Of or Top 10 lists always ensure that some great spot will be left out. We'd love to know what your favourite motorhome vacation spot in Europe is!

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