Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Road to RV Safety

napsnet.com has some safety tips for RV travel which will come in useful for all who rent RVs and campervans in the US:

Be aware of the size of your vehicle. Accidents can happen when drivers pass under something with insufficient clearance, forgetting they are not driving a car. This applies to width as well as height.The article advises that you

"Know your RV’s height and keep it handy. Also know the clearances of the bridges and tunnels along your route—especially on back roads. A road atlas specifically for RVers or semi drivers can help." 

Your vehicle should be in perfect working order, with all hoses, belts, lights and tyres whole and not damaged. if you are hiring, this is the responsibility of the hire company. If you do break down, have a plan of attack- a cellphone is a good start! It is a good idea to leave an itinerary with friends or family before leaving on your trip.

RV photo by RVwithTito via Flickr Creative Commons

Wear your seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion. This includes passengers!

Ensure awnings and steps are stored during travel, and use this equipment properly- special no-tip steps are available to make getting in and out of your RV easy and secure.

funroads.com also has some articles on RV safety, including one on propane safety. Tanks should be fitted with leak detectors and not be overfilled- that is, if you would like to avoid your RV ending up like the one pictured. The article gives advice on what to do if you smell gas.

 Photo by Aaron Halls via Flickr Creative Commons

 "If you smell gas, exit your RV immediately. Don't use electric switches or appliances. Leave the door open to air out the rig. Close the supply valve on the propane tank, and call a propane gas supplier or the fire department. "

When camping, choose a flat site with enough room for the RV and all your gear, and make sure any fires are made in an open area. Keep the site clean to prevent visits from any unwanted wildlife.

Most of all, enjoy a safe journey in your RV and make the most of this flexible way of holidaying!

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