Monday, May 30, 2011

5 Reasons a Motorhome Rental is Better Than a Car Rental

Most people planning an extensive road trip in countries from the United States to Australia often struggle with the question of what's a better fit, a car or motorhome rental. While cars have their charm, and at first glance are cheaper to rent than a motorhome or RV, there are several reasons why choosing a motorhome rental will make your next vacation smoother, affordable and more enjoyable.

1. All the Conveniences of Home
This is the main reason why people usually consider a motorhome rental over a car. You've all been there, trapped in a small car for hours on end without enough space to pack your stuff let alone stretch your legs. With a motorhome you'll not only have the space to walk around or lie down if you so choose, but you'll also have the added benefits of not having to stop for food or a restroom unless you choose to do so. Depending on your road trip itinerary it can be endless miles between grocery stores and restaurants so having your own bathroom and kitchenette in your motorhome really ups the convenience factor.

2. Higher on the Road
Ask anyone who has taken a motorhome rental through a beautiful route and they'll tell you that there's no better vehicle to be in when it comes to seeing the sights. The added height you'll get from your motorhome rental will make taking the scenic route all the more worthwhile.

3. Keep Money in Your Pocket
Upfront it may seem like a motorhome rental is more expensive than renting a car, but don't forget to factor in expenses like meals and lodging. Once you add restaurant bills and hotel costs into the equation it's very likely that a motorhome rental will be your most cost efficient vehicle option.

4. Family and Pet Friendly
"Are we there yet?" It's the common refrain dreaded by every parent. One you can easily avoid in a motorhome rental. With televisions, seating, tables and more room to roam, kids are much easier to entertain in a motorhome rental rather than in a car. If you're bringing Fido along for the ride you won't have to worry about finding pet friendly hotels at each stop.

5. Freedom and Flexibility
The beauty of a road trip is the freedom of the open road and, often, the ability to pick and choose when and where to stop, and what you'd like to see. While this is possible in a car, that freedom increases exponentially if you're driving a motorhome rental. Having kitchen and bed always available at your fingertips makes when and where you stop really all up to you.

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