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The Top 10 Places in Europe for a Motorhome Rental Vacation

Europe isn't just about art museums and cosmopolitan cities, bus tours and long lines. In fact, one of the best ways to see the continent is in a motorhome rental, so that your hours are your own and you can decide where to go and what to explore. Many would be surprised that countless places in Europe--from Turkey to Greece--are not only motorhome rental friendly, but also quite ideal for a road trip vacation. Undecided about where to visit with your RV rental? Here is our Top 10 in no particular order:

1. Norway - The Land of the Midnight Sun may not be the first thought when people think "European vacation," but it certainly is a country worth visiting. And Norway offers the best of several worlds. Not only are their stunningly beautiful vistas, breathtaking mountain ranges, clean beaches and breathtaking fjords, but also an abundance of history and culture to enjoy. Whether you're looking for an active vacation or one that involves the bustling vibrancy of cities like Oslo, Norway is a country best seen from the road. To make things even easier their are helpful and clearly marked routes that motorhome rental tourists can follow to make the most of their road trip.

2. France - Leave it to the French to turn even camping into something glamorous. From Paris to the pristine beaches of the South, France offers an abundance of things to see and do on any motorhome rental vacation. The majority of campsites here are also top notch and strategically

3. Slovenia - Beat the summer rush and head to one of Europe's little known wonders. Lush forests and Swedish Alp-style chalets, valleys and a coast along the Adriatic all make Slovenia a great place for your European motorhome rental vacation. Even better the country is chalk full of history and culture just waiting to be discovered.

4. Italy - Driving in Italy is a joy in and of itself, compounded by the beauty, history and culture bursting forth from each region, the reason that millions flock here every year. A crown jewel of European vacations, Italy is one of those countries that requires ample time to tour and discover. If you're looking to stay in one area consider Tuscany, where rolling hills and easy access to glorious cities like Florence will make your motorhome rental vacation truly unforgettable.

5. Spain - From Madrid to Barcelona, Seville to Grenada, the places to visit in Spain are truly endless. Offering everything from beautiful architecture and gorgeous beaches to scrumptious food, Spain is one country that most who visit instantly fall in love with. Take your motorhome rental on a tour of the Costa del Sol for a vacation you won't soon forget.

6. Portugal - Less populated than neighboring Spain, Portugal is no less beautiful or cultured. Cities like Lisbon and Porto are gems just waiting to be explored and discovered, while the beaches here are really second to none.

7. Ireland - Rolling green hills and quaint villages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a motorhome rental road trip in Ireland. Small enough to truly enjoy in an RV rental, Ireland is one of those places that boasts something for everyone. Tour historic sites, hike the verdant hills or enjoy the shopping and nightlife--your only limit will be the amount of time you have to discover this charming country.

8. Croatia - A well kept secret no longer, Croatia is a gorgeous and affordable country to visit. From Split to Dubrovnik you'll find culture and beauty during your motorhome rental vacation in Croatia. Like with most European destinations if you want to beat the summer crowds and the hottest days try booking off season.

9. Switzerland - The country's biggest draw continues to be the Alps, but Jura and Plateau also routinely draw vacationers in love with Switzerland's mountains, pristine lakes and beautiful valleys. Despite being a small country, Switzerland boasts 75 "Aree di Sosta" or rest stops, which vary in grandeur, making it ideal for a motorhome rental vacation.

10. Sweden - A land of free camping spots, Sweden is a sprawling country just waiting to be discovered by intrepid motorhome rental travellers. Keep in mind that when travelling north the distances between towns and cities is much longer than when driving in the other direction. Cities like Stockholm, Lulea and Malmo are all great spots to stop on your RV rental road trip. And don't forget that if you prefer off-the-beaten track sites, there are tons of them here.

Best Of or Top 10 lists always ensure that some great spot will be left out. We'd love to know what your favourite motorhome vacation spot in Europe is!

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Photos: 1. Frode Inge Helland (Wikimedia Commons) / 2. Gasti (Flickr Creative Commons) / 3. Christian Mehlführer (Wikimedia Commons) / 4. Italiantourism.com.au / 5. David Iliff (Wikimedia Commons) / 6. Lacobrigo (Wikimedia Commons) / 7. Garretttaggs (en.wikipedia) / 8. Direktor (Wikimedia Commons) / 9. Braunw (Wikimedia Commons) / 10. Rickard Olsson (Wikimedia Commons)

On the Road to RV Safety

napsnet.com has some safety tips for RV travel which will come in useful for all who rent RVs and campervans in the US:

Be aware of the size of your vehicle. Accidents can happen when drivers pass under something with insufficient clearance, forgetting they are not driving a car. This applies to width as well as height.The article advises that you

"Know your RV’s height and keep it handy. Also know the clearances of the bridges and tunnels along your route—especially on back roads. A road atlas specifically for RVers or semi drivers can help." 

Your vehicle should be in perfect working order, with all hoses, belts, lights and tyres whole and not damaged. if you are hiring, this is the responsibility of the hire company. If you do break down, have a plan of attack- a cellphone is a good start! It is a good idea to leave an itinerary with friends or family before leaving on your trip.

RV photo by RVwithTito via Flickr Creative Commons

Wear your seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion. This includes passengers!

Ensure awnings and steps are stored during travel, and use this equipment properly- special no-tip steps are available to make getting in and out of your RV easy and secure.

funroads.com also has some articles on RV safety, including one on propane safety. Tanks should be fitted with leak detectors and not be overfilled- that is, if you would like to avoid your RV ending up like the one pictured. The article gives advice on what to do if you smell gas.

 Photo by Aaron Halls via Flickr Creative Commons

 "If you smell gas, exit your RV immediately. Don't use electric switches or appliances. Leave the door open to air out the rig. Close the supply valve on the propane tank, and call a propane gas supplier or the fire department. "

When camping, choose a flat site with enough room for the RV and all your gear, and make sure any fires are made in an open area. Keep the site clean to prevent visits from any unwanted wildlife.

Most of all, enjoy a safe journey in your RV and make the most of this flexible way of holidaying!

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Motorhomes and Motorsport

Nascar is on- specifically, Charlotte Motor Speedway's May race events, and with Nascar comes motorhomes galore. The cars and the RVs are surely about as different as two vehicles can get whilst both driving on the road, but they congregate without fail for the race events.

Some of the motorhomes belong to fans- RVs are a popular choice for those who camp at the speedway, making up around 90% of campers. Even the locals will drive 10 mins to the track in their RVs to be part of the action!

The drivers and owners are also RV afficionados, a tradition which started with Felix Sabates in 1989 after he had trouble finding toilets. Now, most drivers and owners stay in top-of-the-line motorhomes when at a race site, forming RV communities on the infield. Michael McDowell told the nascar website that he is one of the few who drives his own motorhome to events in an effort to keep costs down- most hire drivers to drive, clean and generally look after their gigantuan mobile homes.

Talladega infield
Photo by Brian Cantoni Flickr Creative Commons

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5 Reasons a Motorhome Rental is Better Than a Car Rental

Most people planning an extensive road trip in countries from the United States to Australia often struggle with the question of what's a better fit, a car or motorhome rental. While cars have their charm, and at first glance are cheaper to rent than a motorhome or RV, there are several reasons why choosing a motorhome rental will make your next vacation smoother, affordable and more enjoyable.

1. All the Conveniences of Home
This is the main reason why people usually consider a motorhome rental over a car. You've all been there, trapped in a small car for hours on end without enough space to pack your stuff let alone stretch your legs. With a motorhome you'll not only have the space to walk around or lie down if you so choose, but you'll also have the added benefits of not having to stop for food or a restroom unless you choose to do so. Depending on your road trip itinerary it can be endless miles between grocery stores and restaurants so having your own bathroom and kitchenette in your motorhome really ups the convenience factor.

2. Higher on the Road
Ask anyone who has taken a motorhome rental through a beautiful route and they'll tell you that there's no better vehicle to be in when it comes to seeing the sights. The added height you'll get from your motorhome rental will make taking the scenic route all the more worthwhile.

3. Keep Money in Your Pocket
Upfront it may seem like a motorhome rental is more expensive than renting a car, but don't forget to factor in expenses like meals and lodging. Once you add restaurant bills and hotel costs into the equation it's very likely that a motorhome rental will be your most cost efficient vehicle option.

4. Family and Pet Friendly
"Are we there yet?" It's the common refrain dreaded by every parent. One you can easily avoid in a motorhome rental. With televisions, seating, tables and more room to roam, kids are much easier to entertain in a motorhome rental rather than in a car. If you're bringing Fido along for the ride you won't have to worry about finding pet friendly hotels at each stop.

5. Freedom and Flexibility
The beauty of a road trip is the freedom of the open road and, often, the ability to pick and choose when and where to stop, and what you'd like to see. While this is possible in a car, that freedom increases exponentially if you're driving a motorhome rental. Having kitchen and bed always available at your fingertips makes when and where you stop really all up to you.

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Photo Credit:
1. Pferdetransporterfahrer via Wikimedia Commons
2. Pmorici via Wikimedia Commons

The Top 10 Places in Canada to Take Your Motorhome

Canada is a vast country with a seemingly endless supply of stunningly gorgeous natural scenery to enjoy. It's also one of those countries that seems made for a trip in a motorhome rental, the only problem is narrowing down where to go. We've put together a Top 10 List of our favourite places in Canada to tour with a motorhome rental, in no particular order.

1. Banff National Park, Alberta - Experience the Rockies during your motorhome rental vacation in Banff, a national park rife with forests, alpine landscapes, hot springs and glaciers. This is an area perfect for all types of outdoor activities from hiking to climbing. Visit Lake Minnewanka, nestled at the foot of towering mountains, or Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks, then drive northwest of Banff where you'll find the famous Lake Louise, one of the most renowned natural sites in Canada. Take the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper, another not-to-be-missed stop.

2. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia -On Cape Breton Island you'll find the easy-to-follow Cabot Trail, one of Nova Scotia's assortment of ready made routes perfect for a motorhome rental vacation. Drive through the Cape Breton Highlands on this looping trail that measures 298 kilometres long. Enjoy the nature offered by Cape Breton National Park, the stunning and rugged landscapes of the coast and the beauty of the Bras d'Or Lake and Margaree River areas. Some ideas for stops: Baddek (home of the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic site), the fishing villages of Belle Cote and Ingonish, the Skyline Hiking Trail and Pleasant Bay.

3. Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon - The Yukon advertises itself as "Larger Than Life" and the tagline is apt considering the vastness of this Canadian territory. Dempster Highway runs through Tombstone--so named for a mountain that resembles a grave marker--and will help you explore the 2,200 square kilometres of wildlife and arctic tundras. Hike, discover the diverse flora and fauna of the area and the enjoy the feeling that your motorhome rental has taken you to the ends of the Earth. Kluane Lake is also a must-see during any Yukon road trip.

4. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario - Perhaps one of the busiest and most popular RV and camping sites in Canada, Algonquin is serviced by both the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 60 and is in rather easy distance of Toronto and Ottawa. The park boasts such gorgeous areas as Canoe Lake and the Nipissing River, and also features dense forests and perfect areas for hiking and fishing.

5. Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia -Divided into three areas--Long Beach, the West Coast Trail, and the Broken Group Islands--this park features an irresistible mix of ocean and rainforest, beautiful trees and rugged coastlines. Open from mid-March to mid-October, the Pacific Rim National Park is one trip you'll never forget. Favourite activities here including fishing, swimming, surfing, relaxing on the beaches, whale watching and exploring the expansive rainforest.

6. Gaspesie, Quebec - Travel along Route 198 from the north shore of the Gaspé Peninsula to the sea-level forests, enjoying the small rivers, mountains (the Chic-Chocs are an extension of the Appalachian Mountains) and rugged coastline you find along the way. Towns like Murdochville and the city of Gaspé are interesting stops as is the beautiful Forillon National Park.

7. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick - Every year countless tourists flock to the Bay of Fundy to view the tides, but that's not all there is to see in this area. Waterfalls (like Dickson Falls), beaches, forests and wildlife are all high on the must-see list.

8. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador - The mountains in this area date back millions of years, even older than the famous Rockies. In addition to the mountains the park contains diverse wildlife--from caribou to eagles--as well as towering trees and blue fjords.

9. Douglas Provincial Park, Saskatchewan - Stretching along Lake Diefenbaker, about an hour's drive north of Moose Jaw, you'll find Douglas Provincial Park a paradise for outdoor lovers. Swim, fish or hike, check out the diverse wildlife or golf -- this park has something for everyone.

10. Prince Edward Island National Park, PEI - Along the north shore of PEI, and facing the Gulf of St. Lawrence, you'll find the gorgeous landscape of the Prince Edward Island National Park. Visit Green Gables (the inspiration of Anne of Green Gables), bird watch, enjoy the beaches or tour Victorian mansion Dalvay-by-the-sea on your PEI motorhome rental road trip.

These ten gorgeous spots are only the beginning of all Canada has to offer for motorhome rental road trip enthusiasts. Other areas you may want to consider: Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Gwaii Hanaas, Haynes Point in Osoyoos or Tobermory. We'd love to hear your favourite Canadian spot!

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Why Motorhome Rentals are Better Than a Hotel

For certain types of vacations--namely those that involve a lot of travelling from place to place and especially those with stops outside urban centres--caravan rentals will beat hotels every time. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why:

Forget About Lugging that Luggage

With a campervan rental you won't have to load and reload, carrying or drag your luggage to and from hotels. Even if you plan on travelling to more than one place a campervan means that your luggage will stay put while you're the one out and about enjoying and exploring.

All the Comforts of Home

While some hotels come with kitchenettes the vast majority do not and, often, the ones that do come at a cost premium. In a campervan rental, on the other hand, you'll have a kitchenette as well as other great features. Modern campervans are designed to ensure that travellers don't want for anything and can enjoy their vacations feeling like they're driving their own homes.

Save $$$

A campervan rental will help save you from wracking up huge hotel, car rental and restaurant bills. Rent a camper and you'll be able to travel where you sleep and enjoy delicious home cooked meals you'd never find at a hotel.

You Make the Decisions
Choosing a hotel in a certain location means that you're often limited by how far you can go, but not so with a campervan rental. Vacationing in an RV means that you can choose for yourself when and where to go while not being limited by the geographic location of your hotel. Moreover, a campervan rental is much more conducive to spontaneity, which can lead to very unique vacation experiences.

Campers are Ideal for Everyone

From kids to pets, campervan rentals really are the most comfortable way to travel. Children can be kept entertained while you travel and explore, and they'll also have the added comfort of the same bed every night. Tip: Bringing blankets and pillows from home will make your camper feel even more home-like to the little ones. Also, many hotels aren't pet friendly but you can easily find a hotel that is, and take your beloved four-legged friend with you on your travels.

Taking the Scenic Route

Forget boring trips, everything about a campervan rental road trip is interesting. Not only do you get to enjoy the sights at the places where you're headed but also the gorgeous scenery on the road leading there.

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1. BaseCamper
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What Kind of RV Traveller Are You?

Not everyone who longs for some time on the open road is the same, in fact out of the millions who enjoy RV rentals every year emerge some pretty distinct types. Where you go and what type of RV rental you need can be easily determined if you figure out what kind of RV traveller you are. Here are some hints to help you narrow it down:

The Family Man (or Woman)

RV rentals appeal to you because you can cram in the maximum amount of baggage and kiddos. Not to mention the fact that RV rentals reduce the need for bathroom stops, and facilitate the afternoon naps or board games that can silence any annoying "are we there yets." Bonus? The it's much easier to transport the family pet, and choose family-friendly locations, on RV rental vacations.

The Adventurer
Do you dream of farflung locales, scaling icy mountain peaks or discovering the great unknowns of the natural world? Well, then you're likely an Adventurer. This type of RV traveller chooses a motorhome to enable them to visit some of the remotest parts of the world where they can take part in any number of death defying, daredevil adventures and come home with the photos to prove it.

The Tailgater

If sports is your passion and your team happens to be your religion then you're likely a Tailgater. These types of RV travellers know that the best way to follow their team around is in a spacious motorhome rental. RVs will definitely make your pre-game cook out feel like home.

The Lifestyler

A growing number of travellers, mostly retirees, are choosing life on the open road. If you're the type who doesn't just want to vacation in an RV, but actually wants to spend the majority of your days driving and exploring then you're likely a Lifestyler--and if so, we say lucky you!

The Luxist

Friends want to go camping, but you can't see doing without the luxuries of modern amenities like a bathroom, electricity or a kitchenette? Then you've got Luxist written all over you. Forget glamping, you know an RV rental is the best way to explore nature and the open road without having to deal with pesky bugs, uncomfortable sleeping bags and unpacking tents.

So, what kind of RV traveller are you? One of the above, a mixture or a totally different category altogether?

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1. Pechanga Resort and Casino via Wikimedia Commons
2. Forest Service -US Department of Agriculture
3. Boliston via Flickr Creative Commons

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VW Van Becomes a Little More Flimsy

Why would you ever need a VW campervan when you can have a.. tent that looks like one? Granted, it's less mobile, but it probably packs away smaller than the real deal!

For sale on firebox.com, the tent is life size, with room for 4 adults to sleep comfortably and headroom to stand up. For ₤300, this little piece of the 60s is available in yellow, red and blue.

Photo from www.gadling.com

Doesn't it just make you want to pull out your flares and flit off to a music festival?

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Pimp My Camper

We all know that campers are not the coolest way to get around, even if they are extremely convenient. This one in particular was definitely no top-of-the line motorhome with hydraulically operated garage for your sportscar like these ones, which may warrant a little more street cred.

Now, it is the coolest camper out- thanks to a Harley Davidson-themed extreme makeover. A bit of black and orange paint, cool wheels and Harley accessories make a huge difference to this 1964 Travco 15 foot trailer. And in only 5 sundays!

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Olympics Accessible to Caravans and Motorhomes

The Caravan Club will, with the help of former British hurdles champion Sally Gunnell (OBE), set up a temporary campsite for the 2012 Olympics in London. It is to be located near the Chigwell Tube station, and caravanners will be able to travel to the main olympic sites in 15 mins, reports the Caravan Times.

What a great opportunity to be close to the action without paying a fortune for an overpriced hotel!

The Caravan Club is well established in the UK and Ireland.

How did the club suddenly find a campsite in London? Gunnell has given them the use of her childhood home, Old Farm. She is said to be delighted that caravanners will make use of the grounds.

Work is well underway on the facilities for the 2012 games.

Olympic Park photo by Tamsin Slater Flickr Creative Commons

Aquatic Park photo by Matt Brown Flickr Creative Commons

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Motorhome Road Trip on Facebook

Photo by Wouter Kiel Flickr Creative Commons

For those planning the Road Trip of a lifetime with a motorhome or RV, here is the facebook page for you:


Check it out for tips, links and info to plan your trip. The self-drive itineraries mean that you can do it your way, and make any changes you like, whilst having the benefit of a suggested tried-and-true path.

Photo by dtydontstop Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Dawn Endico Flickr Creative Commons

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