Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to wear on the road?

The Edmonton Journal's RV Fashionista has all the answers to your mobile wardrobe quandaries. For those who have trouble deciding what to pack for an RV holiday- look no further.

The article notes that:

You're not quite in camping mode but you're not in hotel and theme park mode either. You're somewhere in between and need to be prepared for most anything without taking everything with you.

and continues with helpful tips on how to achieve this perfect equilibrium. One is, quite simply, take jeans. Not worn old jeans, but slightly dressy ones which will take you from 4-wheeling to a nice restaurant with simply a change of shirt.

By Ben Husmann via Flickr Creative Commons

Comfort and versatility are important- clothes should be previously worn so you know they fit, are confortable and there will be no nasty surprises such as jeans needing a belt or a sweater which scratches and tickles. Clothes should also be flexible in their usage- like the aforementioned jeans.

Clothes should also be durable and breathable- in short, of a reasonable quality, because an RV vacation is more exposed to the elements than a beach resort getaway. Keep cleaning in mind too- darker colours and prints may show the dirt less than others, which is important in an RV as there are minimal washing facilities available.

For those who are sick of jeans and a shirt, try widelegged pants such as gaucho pants, which look good with fitted shirts and ethnic jewellery, as well as being breezy and comfortable.

Accessories are a must- scarves, hats, sunglasses and jackets which protect from the elements as well as jazzing up an outfit. Thick socks are great for cold nights.

Like the Boy Scouts, be prepared- but be frugal in your packing.

For your own adventurous yet fashionable RV holiday, click here.

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