Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life on the Road: More Than Just RV Rental Vacations

Have you ever dreamed of packing up all your belongings and hitting the road? Not just for a trip, but as an actual way of life? Just imagine it: No nagging responsibilities or boring chores like cutting the lawn, just the freedom of a motorhome or RV rental and a GPS to guide you. The options are really endless from driving cross country to following your favorite sports team for an entire season; the only limits are your own imagination.

Sounds pretty great, right? A large amount of retirees think so too. So much so that a growing number of retired baby boomers are selling their homes and packing up, trading in suburbia for a life on the open road. And not just for a vacation but for up to a decade at a time according to a new article in Houma Today by Candy Spiegel.

The why is pretty clear according to Bill Sheffer of the Michigan Association of Recreational Vehicles & Campgrounds: “The freedom to choose a region of the country to travel to and explore, then the freedom to move on to another region. Buying a retirement home is a big commitment to a new location, new people and new surroundings. Many full-timers travel for several years looking for the right place to call home or to call their second home. The RV lifestyle affords them that opportunity.” Mike and Darlene Kohuts, co-authors of the blog Kohuts RVing Adventures, are just one couple who have chosen the RV way of life--and plan to do it for some time to come.

Whether you're looking to roadtrip permanently, or would like a little taste of life on the road first, an RV rental is a good place to start. A USA RV rental will give you an idea as to whether you want to commit to buying your own motorhome and hitting the road for the long term. For great deals and rates visit USA RV Rental.

Photo Credit: 1. Gabriel Millos via Wikimedia Commons

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