Monday, April 11, 2011

Enjoy Oregon in the Off-Season in a RV Rental

Often the best time to enjoy and discover a new place is during the off-season when you won't be fighting the tourist crowds and the prices are lower. Sure, you may not always get the best weather but that's one of the advantages of a vacation in an RV rental. With an RV you can decide on where to go and when to stop, using the weather to your advantage even during the off-season. Of course, being in a rental RV instead of a tent means that you're sheltered from the worst of what Mother Nature may have on offer. A perfect place to take a motorhome rental vacation is lush and green Oregon. Take the story of Brian J. Cantwell, for instance, who recently wrote about his April trip to Oregon with his wife, Barbara in The Seattle Times.

"I awoke to sunshine streaming through the motorhome’s windows," Cantwell recalls of the morning after a night of April showers. "Outside, lingering water droplets sparkled on the shore pines and pussy willows around our campsite...This was our second April day in a row like this on the Oregon coast: soaking rain overnight, followed by morning sunshine and blue sky." Cantwell goes on to recount that while the magnificence of the Pacific Northwest is what will really stick in his mind about his roadtrip it was "the RV that made all the difference."

If you're planning a roadtrip this spring consider an RV rental as a viable option to ensure that you can travel in style and sleep in comfort. For the Cantwells their first RV roadtrip was one to remember.

“'I like this because you sit so high off the road and get a good view,' Barbara announced from the RV’s passenger seat as we rounded a bend and caught another peek of sun-dappled ocean through wind-sculpted spruces," the author writes. "This was our first significant experience in a motorhome...We devoted seven days in April to a round-trip excursion down the Oregon coast from Washington to California. It’s a coastline made for a camping road trip: Along this roughly 340 miles of Pacific shoreline, we counted at least 64 state parks and recreation sites — 18 with campgrounds (not to mention numerous private RV parks)."

Some of the pros the Cantwells found to using an RV rental for their Oregon trip include:

  • Reduced food costs because of the ability to cook and store your own in an RV's kitchenette.

  • Ability to enjoy nature and campsites without the worry of pitching a tent or having to contend with being outside during any bad weather.

  • RV rentals are also a great way to include family members of all ages in the "camping" experience. And many RV rentals are also pet friendly.

Sounds heavenly, right? If you fancy a roadtrip in Portland yourself this spring or summer find great deals on RV rentals at Portland RV Rental.

Photo Credits: 1. View of Ecola State Park by Cacophany / 2. Oregon Dunes by Rebecca Kennison / 3. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach by Postdlf - All via Wikimedia Commons

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Oregon is such a fantastic place to visit, we visited some of the places on the southern coast and there is even a 'treehouse resort' near the California border where you can spend the night in a tree!

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