Monday, April 11, 2011

Think Campervan Rentals Aren't Luxurious? Check Out the $95K Airstream Avenue

There are those among us who prefer five-star hotels to tents, and strolling among shops to hiking through forests. Others love the outdoors but prefer something a bit more luxurious when laying down their heads. If you're among these types of travelers then you may want to rethink a campervan rental when it comes to vacationing as the new breed really is something to write home to mom about.

Take the new $95,000 Airstream camper for instance. "We designed every detail of the 2011 Airstream Avenue to bring our customers a touring coach that combines value, performance and comfort," Airstream's CEO Bob Wheeler explained to USA Today. "With the Avenue, travelers can enjoy the drivability of an automobile yet have a true home on wheels."

Not convinced? James Bell, President of the Motor Press Guild, also needed more proof. Bell thought himself the perfect candidate to take on the task as his "idea of 'camping' usually includes airport shuttles and infinity swimming pools." If that sounds familiar you'll be happy to know that Bell was quite pleased when he took the Airstream on a roadtrip through Santa Barbara.

"We were not exactly 'roughing it,'" Bell writes of the family vacation. "The Avenue is equipped with with a stainless-steel kitchen, bathroom, shower and refrigerator. On the comfort side, soft leather lines all of the seating areas including a lounge area that conveniently turns into a bed for two and finished with styling details to be expected from this famous brand. My daughter was happy to discover the high-definition TV, and my wife and I were equally pleased to see the controls for the 13,500 Btu air conditioner and 16,000 Btu furnace -- both of which were used to keep all of us comfortable."

So while campervan rentals will never be the Ritz, you also don't get the freedom of the open road from a five-star hotel room. New campervan rentals like the Airstream are the best of both worlds, marrying freedom and adventure with luxury and comfort. For more information on renting a campervan for your next roadtrip check out Campervan Rental USA for great rates.

Photos Courtesy of Airstream

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