Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cystic Fybrosis Patient on World Tour

Cavan Arrowsmith, who suffers from Cystic Fybrosis, had always dreamed of seeing the world, so see the world he did. His trip took him from his hometown of Stourbridge, West Midlands, across the Atlantic to the US from west to east coast, through Asia and right Down Under to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Cavan and his friend Gordon, after leaving the UK, rented a 5 berth campervan with 2 other friends in San Francisco and hit the road to make their way across the States, seeing Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Texas, Tennesee and going to see Ricky Gervais in New York before finishing the US leg of the trip in Boston. In an article in the Daily Mail, Cavan recalled that he needed to eat a lot to keep his strength up, which was no problem on a US road trip!

In Asia, the pollution and dust of India did nothing for Cavan's health, and he ended up in Bangkok hospital after visiting the Great Wall of China, Beijing and Shanghai. However, Cavan did not stop before he had completed his trip of a lifetime.

It was on to Australia, for a bit of surf, sun.. and work, as Cavan and Gordon needed a bit more cash! After meeting up with friends and Cavan's girlfriend Claire, clinbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and seeing a bit of Oz, Cavan flew home, mission complete.

Permission for photos and story obtained from Cavan Arrowsmith. To donate to Cavan's appeal for the Cystic Fybrosis Trust, click here.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to wear on the road?

The Edmonton Journal's RV Fashionista has all the answers to your mobile wardrobe quandaries. For those who have trouble deciding what to pack for an RV holiday- look no further.

The article notes that:

You're not quite in camping mode but you're not in hotel and theme park mode either. You're somewhere in between and need to be prepared for most anything without taking everything with you.

and continues with helpful tips on how to achieve this perfect equilibrium. One is, quite simply, take jeans. Not worn old jeans, but slightly dressy ones which will take you from 4-wheeling to a nice restaurant with simply a change of shirt.

By Ben Husmann via Flickr Creative Commons

Comfort and versatility are important- clothes should be previously worn so you know they fit, are confortable and there will be no nasty surprises such as jeans needing a belt or a sweater which scratches and tickles. Clothes should also be flexible in their usage- like the aforementioned jeans.

Clothes should also be durable and breathable- in short, of a reasonable quality, because an RV vacation is more exposed to the elements than a beach resort getaway. Keep cleaning in mind too- darker colours and prints may show the dirt less than others, which is important in an RV as there are minimal washing facilities available.

For those who are sick of jeans and a shirt, try widelegged pants such as gaucho pants, which look good with fitted shirts and ethnic jewellery, as well as being breezy and comfortable.

Accessories are a must- scarves, hats, sunglasses and jackets which protect from the elements as well as jazzing up an outfit. Thick socks are great for cold nights.

Like the Boy Scouts, be prepared- but be frugal in your packing.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

New Campervan joins New Zealand Britz Fleet

Britz New Zealand is adding a new van to its fleet- with room for everyone! The Navigator features 2 double beds, a full bathroom, spacious dinette and kitchen facilities, and an LCD TV with DVD player. It has all the creature comforts- microwave, air conditioning, fridge and freezer, making a New Zealand road trip with all the family comfortable and fun.

Photo from

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In: A Modern Campervan Design

Half the beauty of a campervan vacation is enjoying the scenery along the way, isn't it? Which is why this design for a compact, modern campervan seems a long time coming. The brainchild of Menno Kroezen this campervan is all about bringing the outdoors in.

The camper not only features a veranda with chairs, but also an ingenious system that allows access to the interior via the very same veranda without obstructing views. The design is also wheelchair friendly and features ample windows so you can enjoy the outdoors while inside and out the campervan. Below are images of the inside of this Outdoor Campervan:

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A Surfer's Dream Campervan

MINI Coopers may be small, but these stylish cars are all about maximizing space and functionality. Which is why it's no surprise that the car manufacturer teamed up with Airstream to dream up a concept campervan that does the same (albeit working with a slightly larger space.) Designed by Republic of Fritz Hansen this design, called the Clubman Cooper S, was first shown at the Interni Design Engeries showcase at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. The design was created with a surfer in mind and both the interior and exterior of the concept make it ideal for taking to the beach. In this design MINI Cooper and Airstream have captured the freedom and convenience that has always made campervans so popular, especially among those who love the great outdoors and the beach. The Clubman Cooper S is also proof that campervans don't have to mean sacrificing style. This concept includes ultra fashionable details like Arne Jacobsen's famous Egg chair, not to mention the modern "Series Seven" chairs designed especially for this concept's four-person table. Other fun and functional options, perfect for the beach lifestyle, include waterproofing in the interior and a fold-out bed that can be used for lounging in the sun.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daisy The Campervan raises cancer awareness

Louise Dryden, a cancer survivor in northern England, is teaming up with touring campervan Daisy in an effort to raise awareness of the early signs of cancer in the region, reports the Berwick Advertiser.


Louise was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, and after receiving treatment only visits the hospital for a check up once a year. She believes that using a campervan will allow the message of early detection to be spread effectively in the largely rural area of Northumberland.

“I think the Daisy cancer campervan is a great way of getting out into the more rural parts of Northumberland. We have a very strong community spirit in Berwick and I hope that the community gets behind the Daisy bus and its important message of knowing the early symptoms of cancer and not to delay going to see your GP if you think something’s wrong. I want to encourage people, particularly women because of my own experience, to be aware of what’s going on in their body and to be alert to changes. Catching cancer early can literally save your life.”

The staff and volunteers travelling with Daisy will provide information and talk to residents of the places they visit about cancer, the myths and the facts surrounding the disease.

To follow in Daisy's tyre marks and travel England by campervan, click here.

Northumberland photo by Draco2008 via Flickr Creative Commons

Author: Doug Brown+

Grey Nomads Travel Australia

There is a growing trend amongst australian retirees, according to The Australian. Dubbed "Grey Nomads," older people are taking to the highways in droves, purchasing campervans and travelling the country to their hearts' content.

For these wanderers of an older generation, a campervan holiday is freedom to go where you like, when you like and with who you like, taking your own bit of comfort and familiarity with you. Grey Nomads often travel with like-minded people, and Queensland even boasts an RV-focused residential village for those who like the nomadic atmosphere even when installed at home.

Highway photo by tm-tm via Flickr Creative Commons

Retired campervan lovers are a blessing to the tourism industry in Australia- the Sunshine Coast Daily refering to Grey Nomads as the 'silver lining' (get it?) keeping the tourism industry in the black.

A win-win situation then: money coming in for property developers and tourism operators, and flexible, comfortable and carefree holidays for Australia's retirees.


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Campervans photo by David Hearle via Flickr Creative Commons

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Life on the Road: More Than Just RV Rental Vacations

Have you ever dreamed of packing up all your belongings and hitting the road? Not just for a trip, but as an actual way of life? Just imagine it: No nagging responsibilities or boring chores like cutting the lawn, just the freedom of a motorhome or RV rental and a GPS to guide you. The options are really endless from driving cross country to following your favorite sports team for an entire season; the only limits are your own imagination.

Sounds pretty great, right? A large amount of retirees think so too. So much so that a growing number of retired baby boomers are selling their homes and packing up, trading in suburbia for a life on the open road. And not just for a vacation but for up to a decade at a time according to a new article in Houma Today by Candy Spiegel.

The why is pretty clear according to Bill Sheffer of the Michigan Association of Recreational Vehicles & Campgrounds: “The freedom to choose a region of the country to travel to and explore, then the freedom to move on to another region. Buying a retirement home is a big commitment to a new location, new people and new surroundings. Many full-timers travel for several years looking for the right place to call home or to call their second home. The RV lifestyle affords them that opportunity.” Mike and Darlene Kohuts, co-authors of the blog Kohuts RVing Adventures, are just one couple who have chosen the RV way of life--and plan to do it for some time to come.

Whether you're looking to roadtrip permanently, or would like a little taste of life on the road first, an RV rental is a good place to start. A USA RV rental will give you an idea as to whether you want to commit to buying your own motorhome and hitting the road for the long term. For great deals and rates visit USA RV Rental.

Photo Credit: 1. Gabriel Millos via Wikimedia Commons

Vacation to Forget: Courageous Canadian Couple Take on Thugs with Their Motorhome

No one wants a vacation to end in crime or violence, but that was just what Jack and Eileen Appleton faced during a recent roadtrip through Mexico. The retired police officers from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, were travelling in the city of Matamoros when they were accosted by thugs armed with rifles according to a recent story in the Toronto Sun. How did they manage to get away? By using their motorhome as a weapon! A rather ingenious use for an RV rental or motorhome if we've ever heard of one.

Quick thinking and clear heads allowed the Appletons to get the better of the criminals who first accosted them on the road and then in a crowded gas station. An email written by the couple, who had been returning from a winter spent on a motorhome vacation in Mexico, was published in The Sun and details their ordeal: "'We were in Matamoros, Mexico, Thursday afternoon at 2:15, just a couple of miles from the International Bridge on one of the inner-ring perifericos (peripheral roads), when a gold-coloured Chev SUV sped up beside Jack, who was driving - with two men in the front seat, one wearing a balaclava and both armed, one with a high-powered assault rifle.

The email continues:

'The Mexican with the balaclava ordered him to stop and waved his weapon out the window. Jack told him to eff off. They attempted to cut in front of him to effect the stop, but he managed to outstop him. Those big air brakes can really do their job. Then that old Highway Patrol training kicked in and he rammed the old Winnebago into reverse and drove backwards down the periferico for about two hundred metres. That left the two gunmen standing in the road looking kind of stupid.'"

After pulling into the gas station, in the hopes that a place crowded with people would have the gunmen backing off, the Appletons found that they were mistaken. The bandidos returned with six others in tow. After a physical confrontation--and even a threat to their dog--the couple managed to run the criminals off and call police, eventually leaving Mexico with an armed escort. Definitely not the vacation any of us wish for, but not one the Appletons will soon forget.

The Appleton's experience is a great reminder that both personal and road safety is always something to consider when taking any kind of vacation, especially in unstable parts of the world like Mexico's border towns. If you're looking to enjoy a vacation in an RV rental then visit RV Rental Canada for great deals and prices.

Photo Credits: 1. Marrovi via Wikimedia Commons 2. Sergio Nava via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, April 11, 2011

Think Campervan Rentals Aren't Luxurious? Check Out the $95K Airstream Avenue

There are those among us who prefer five-star hotels to tents, and strolling among shops to hiking through forests. Others love the outdoors but prefer something a bit more luxurious when laying down their heads. If you're among these types of travelers then you may want to rethink a campervan rental when it comes to vacationing as the new breed really is something to write home to mom about.

Take the new $95,000 Airstream camper for instance. "We designed every detail of the 2011 Airstream Avenue to bring our customers a touring coach that combines value, performance and comfort," Airstream's CEO Bob Wheeler explained to USA Today. "With the Avenue, travelers can enjoy the drivability of an automobile yet have a true home on wheels."

Not convinced? James Bell, President of the Motor Press Guild, also needed more proof. Bell thought himself the perfect candidate to take on the task as his "idea of 'camping' usually includes airport shuttles and infinity swimming pools." If that sounds familiar you'll be happy to know that Bell was quite pleased when he took the Airstream on a roadtrip through Santa Barbara.

"We were not exactly 'roughing it,'" Bell writes of the family vacation. "The Avenue is equipped with with a stainless-steel kitchen, bathroom, shower and refrigerator. On the comfort side, soft leather lines all of the seating areas including a lounge area that conveniently turns into a bed for two and finished with styling details to be expected from this famous brand. My daughter was happy to discover the high-definition TV, and my wife and I were equally pleased to see the controls for the 13,500 Btu air conditioner and 16,000 Btu furnace -- both of which were used to keep all of us comfortable."

So while campervan rentals will never be the Ritz, you also don't get the freedom of the open road from a five-star hotel room. New campervan rentals like the Airstream are the best of both worlds, marrying freedom and adventure with luxury and comfort. For more information on renting a campervan for your next roadtrip check out Campervan Rental USA for great rates.

Photos Courtesy of Airstream

Enjoy Oregon in the Off-Season in a RV Rental

Often the best time to enjoy and discover a new place is during the off-season when you won't be fighting the tourist crowds and the prices are lower. Sure, you may not always get the best weather but that's one of the advantages of a vacation in an RV rental. With an RV you can decide on where to go and when to stop, using the weather to your advantage even during the off-season. Of course, being in a rental RV instead of a tent means that you're sheltered from the worst of what Mother Nature may have on offer. A perfect place to take a motorhome rental vacation is lush and green Oregon. Take the story of Brian J. Cantwell, for instance, who recently wrote about his April trip to Oregon with his wife, Barbara in The Seattle Times.

"I awoke to sunshine streaming through the motorhome’s windows," Cantwell recalls of the morning after a night of April showers. "Outside, lingering water droplets sparkled on the shore pines and pussy willows around our campsite...This was our second April day in a row like this on the Oregon coast: soaking rain overnight, followed by morning sunshine and blue sky." Cantwell goes on to recount that while the magnificence of the Pacific Northwest is what will really stick in his mind about his roadtrip it was "the RV that made all the difference."

If you're planning a roadtrip this spring consider an RV rental as a viable option to ensure that you can travel in style and sleep in comfort. For the Cantwells their first RV roadtrip was one to remember.

“'I like this because you sit so high off the road and get a good view,' Barbara announced from the RV’s passenger seat as we rounded a bend and caught another peek of sun-dappled ocean through wind-sculpted spruces," the author writes. "This was our first significant experience in a motorhome...We devoted seven days in April to a round-trip excursion down the Oregon coast from Washington to California. It’s a coastline made for a camping road trip: Along this roughly 340 miles of Pacific shoreline, we counted at least 64 state parks and recreation sites — 18 with campgrounds (not to mention numerous private RV parks)."

Some of the pros the Cantwells found to using an RV rental for their Oregon trip include:

  • Reduced food costs because of the ability to cook and store your own in an RV's kitchenette.

  • Ability to enjoy nature and campsites without the worry of pitching a tent or having to contend with being outside during any bad weather.

  • RV rentals are also a great way to include family members of all ages in the "camping" experience. And many RV rentals are also pet friendly.

Sounds heavenly, right? If you fancy a roadtrip in Portland yourself this spring or summer find great deals on RV rentals at Portland RV Rental.

Photo Credits: 1. View of Ecola State Park by Cacophany / 2. Oregon Dunes by Rebecca Kennison / 3. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach by Postdlf - All via Wikimedia Commons

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