Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bob Villa's Retro Modern Campervan Design

While caravans are not always synonymous with style this concept design from Bob Villa shows that the two words are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, Villa's design is proof positive that smooth, aerodynamic lines plus a great interior design add up to a campervan that just about anyone would be happy to drive--and sleep in.

Does the outside of Villa's camper design remind you of something? The retro cool exterior was inspired by the 1950s and the Airstream campers of that time. We can see a bit of 50s diner cool in the details on this design.

The layout for this campervan is also quite ingenious, especially considering how small and streamlined it looks from the outside. Features include a pop-up roof that you can control electronically, as well as a full-size bathroom and kitchen (with fold-up breakfast bar). The bedroom is tucked away upstairs, accessible via ladder, and there is also a second, stored mattress.

The exterior rear of the camper folds down to allow for a patio-like outdoor area, perfect for relaxing when parked. All in all we'd say retro modern has rarely looked so good--or been so functional.


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