Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Capsule Caravans Designed for iPod Loving Urbanites

Imagine a compact, pod-shaped caravan that you can attach to the back of your car, so small that it fits into a regular parking space, but largely enough to sleep two. Now think of a unit with an innovative design tailor made with weekend getaways in mind. Got the picture? You're likely imagining David Tonkinson's Capsule Caravan, which has been designed with the young, urban iPod-loving generation in mind. One thing is clear, this concept caravan is definitely not your parents' RV.

Small and lightweight the Capsule Caravan is perfect for a quick jaunt out of the city, made even easier because it can be towed by a small car. The parked pod expands and can house two people. Not only will the Capsule likely appeal to the fashionable and hip, but also to those who appreciate innovative design.

For instance, once the caravan is opened it splits in to two sperate Pods, one for "Comfort" and the other for "Service." The former is the sleeping and/or living area, while the latter houses storage and the power and water supply. Even cooler? The design uses electrochromatic film for its middle window, a material that allows the user to choose opaque or transparent settings, meaning you can decide whether you want to let in natural light or not.

The revolutionary Capsule Caravan concept allows an entire population segment--namely space-conscious urbanites--a chance to get into the caravan market. By proposing a unit that city dwellers tight on space would be able to store more easily Tonkinson has created a design that aims to help many achieve their dreams of weekend getaways in their very own caravan.

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Photos Courtesy of David Tonkinson via WebWombat.com.au.

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