Monday, December 20, 2010

Visit Kluane Lake Yukon with your Motorhome Rental

panoramic view of Kluane Lake in the Yukon by Gerry from Fort St. John, BC, Canada (wikimedia commons)

Ok its winter now in the Northern Hemisphere, so going to the Yukon might be the last place on your mind. However, its one of the most popular summer destinations for Canadians and you should consider booking your motorhome now to enjoy this northern slice of heaven!

Here's what Canada National Parks says about this gem in the Canada Wilderness:
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada covers an area of 21,980 square kilometres. It is a land of precipitous, high mountains, immense icefields and lush valleys that yield a diverse array of plant and wildlife species and provides for a host of outdoor activities. Kluane National Park and Reserve is also home to Mount Logan (5959 m/19,545 ft), Canada's highest peak.

As part of a larger system of national parks and historic sites, Kluane National Park and Reserve protects and presents a nationally significant example of Canada’s North Coast Mountains natural region and the associated regional cultural heritage.
Here's a map of the route from White Horse to Kluane Lake; its a about 3 to 4 hour drive in your Motorhome. Read more about planning your Kluane Lake Motorhome Holiday here.

View Kluane Lake in a larger map

If you are planning to book a motorhome to experience the great Canadian Yukon, book now to save the disappointment from the peak booking period in March 2011. If you are looking to get a deal on Whitehorse Motorhome Rental, check out

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