Sunday, November 14, 2010

A New Generation Motorhome Rental? Meet the Frugal "Micro Home"

Forget oversized RVs or a motorhome rental that can fit a whole family, this tiny home designed by Michael Janzen is all about being compact while still remaining functional. This tiny home is Janzen's "experiment in searching for the lowest common denominator in will also be a showcase for frugality, simplicity, and sustainable living." Which, in these hard economic times, is certainly a breath of fresh air.

The mini cabin as imagined by Janzen is just large enough to work (nine square feet to be exact) and the design, despite being small, includes everyday essentials like a kitchen, toilet and shower. According to Janzen's Nine Tiny Feet site, all about his "Nine Foot Square Micro House," he is even looking to make the design more lightweight and compact to the point where he's hoping it can be pulled by a bicycle.

How does Janzen do it, you ask? The main idea behind this tiny, frugal home is that everything has its place and that most amenities are put away when not in use. It's not surprising that a surplus of clutter has no place in a house like this.

The mini cabin includes a floor drain for the shower, a vented sawdust toilet and a 12-volt solar electric system that runs on batteries and solar energy. The large windows help the space from feeling too cramped. In a nod to all that is green the mini cabin is pretty much self-sustaining and even includes provisions for capturing rainwater.

If you've ever dreamed of having a home that was economical, environmentally friendly and pretty much off the grid then Michael Janzen's micro house is just the ticket. If, however, you need a bit more space, or your family is bigger than one, head over to MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com for great deals on motorhome rentals near you.

Design Diagrams via Nine Tiny Feet

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