Sunday, November 28, 2010

Artist Kevin Van Braak Brings Green to the Urban Jungle with His Campervan Design

Artist Kevin Van Braak loves nature, so much so that one of his latest projects is designed to bring nature to the city. Whereas many people turn to campervan rentals to take them to nature, Van Braak has rethought that arrangement. While the artist's plain white camper might look like any other when closed up and being towed behind a vehicle, it's something very different once opened.

For his latest project Van Braak transformed a 1976 Constructam Caravan into a little garden of his own. The artist cut the caravan in half so that when opened it lays flat, revealing a space of artificial grass, trees and woodland creatures that seats about 15. "I am interested in artificial landscapes - particularly with the Dutch landscape as a lot of it was reclaimed from the sea," Van Braak told the UK's Daily Mail. "I find that these days people go camping - wanting to be closer to nature but in the end the experience is artificial."

The artist's faux spread of grass can be used as a camping or picnic site and even comes with a barbecue that can be plugged into a generator. While the unit is up for sale no price has yet been named. Definitely a perfect purchase for those looking to bring some serene green into their concrete jungle.

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