Sunday, October 31, 2010

Australia's "Grey Nomad" Brigade on the Rise, Join Them in Your RV Rental Now

Australia is one of those countries that cries out to be discovered by a motorhome rental. It's the kind of land that is best discovered at your own pace, abandoning yourself to the open road with your RV rental pointed in whatever direction you wish. Of course, the length and breadth of the land means that it's difficult for those with jobs or young children to fully explore in one vacation--or even two or three--which is likely why a growing number of retired Australians are hitting the road to fulfil their dreams of seeing their beautiful country on wheels.

In a recent Sydney Morning Herald article a retired Aussie couple named Ray and Lorraine Gardner detail their new, relaxed lifestyle. They spend about six months a year now in their RV. ''It's just the freedom of being able to travel around the great country we live in,'' Mr. Gardner, who bought his motorhome in 2005, told the newspaper. The couple--like so many other older, retired Australians that make up the so-called "Grey Nomads"-- can do what they wish, when they wish, with no timetable holding them back. And all this without ever really having to "rough it."

The RV boom in Australia is showing no signs of slowing down. According to the SMH article, Richard Raven, of the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia, explained that in 2010 the number of RVs manufactured in Australia will likely reach 24,000. That number is 5,000 more than has ever been manufactured in any other year. According to Mr. Raven ten percent of this 24,000 is said to be motorised vehicles, while the other 90% are campervans and caravans. There is also a wait list for several models and a great number of those purchasing these vehicles are older Australians. Which means if you're looking to purchase an RV yourself, you might not be able to get your hands on one as quickly as hoped. If this is the case then why not consider a motorhome rental for the time being? That way you can determine whether life on the open road, and sleeping in one of Australia's 200,000 sites and 2,500 RV parks, is really for you.

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1. Photo by Louis Roving via Wikimedia Commons
2. Photo by Chewy M via Wikimedia Commons

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