Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Alternative to the Motorhome Rental: Most's Futuria Sport+Spa -- The Uber Luxurious RV

The new generation of RVs is here and it's called the Futuria Sport+Spa, manufactured by Germany's Most Mobile Specials. Not everyone is content to hit the road in a motorhome rental, so for those looking to own their recreational vehicle Most has created one that is decidedly top of the line--complete with top of the line price tag: €153,952 for the trailer alone. If you want the whole enchilada complete with semi-trailer then you're looking at €657,413. So what do you get for this whopping amount? Read on to find out.

Much like most luxury motorhome rentals the Futuria Sport+Spa comes with a berth, including two single beds, and a living area. The Futuria's living area features a circular-shaped leather couch that sits 10, air conditioning, a powerful sound system, illumination under the floors and a fog machine. Don't forget the two LCD monitors, coffee machine, sink, fridge and microwave; pretty much anything you'd need to make life in the Futuria comfortable. Even more impressive the Futuria has a rooftop terrace deck complete with a 550l whirlpool with pulsators, LED lights and jet nozzles. Oh, and did we mention the waterfall?

If you're a sportscar enthusiast and would like to take your car with you on the open road then you'd have no fear when it came to the Futuria. There is a specially built compartment, with a mirrored ceiling, just for your car. The actual Futuria's driver's cabin is built as aerodynamically as possible with an air suspended driver's seat and a pivoting bed built into the ceiling to save room.

So what do you think? Is the Futuria for you? If not you can find great information on reasonable motorhome rentals as well as great RV roadtrips at MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

Photos and video courtesy of Futuria.Net

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